February 9, 2010

The Tao of Linden

I thought it would be interesting to post what used to be the guiding philosophy of Linden Lab. How many think teh Lab still follows these tenets? I sure don't. Seems to me that "Walk in our Residents' shoes" has become "Walk all over our Residents".
The Tao of Linden
Vision and Mission
To connect us all to an online world that improves the human condition.

Company Principles
Work Together.
We are engaged in a wildly ambitious and complex endeavor. We need to take on risk and accept the occasional failure. But we dream, stumble and win only together. This requires a level of creative collaboration you won't find in many companies. You must not only respect but actively seek out differing views, and then find closure after dissent to move forward together. When you look back, do so to find ways to improve rather than to blame.

Walk in our Residents' shoes.
We are blessed by some of the most informed, passionate, committed customers imaginable. They are our reason for being, they are our world, and we call them Residents. They are an insuperable source of advantage and an awesome responsibility. In every choice you make, consider how your choice will impact their experience.

Good People Make Good Choices... and vice versa.
There's love in the spirit of our mission, the enjoyment we take in each others' company, the style and humor we have at our best. We're here because we're open to all the wonders of the world and the goodness in each other; even the cynics among us harbor the begrudging belief that all things are possible. This is a place where you can be you, and we ask you to make the choices that enable your colleagues to bring out the best in themselves.

Be thoughtful and transparent.
We build trust through transparent and open communication. Be prolific in your communication but thoughtful, and remember that context is key. Report on your progress regularly and in language that benefits the widest possible range of your colleagues. You are responsible for ensuring that your messages reach your intended audience - make sure your signal does not become noise.

No Politics.
Sharing our mission requires that you honor this rule at all times: Never act to advance your own interests or someone else's interests at the expense of the interests of the company.


  1. This is (pardon the pun) telling:

    "Never act to advance ... someone else's interests at the expense of the interests of the company."

    i.e., the Residents

    Seems like they've decided that tenet trumps all the other ones.

  2. Seen through a very restricted filter, that would be true. However, Linden Lab doesn't seem to "get" that the residents interests are really aligned with theirs. No one who enjoys SL wants LL to fail.


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