February 14, 2019

Two Bento dresses from Arcane Spellcaster

Gramy by Arcane Spellcaster
OK, I admit it. I'm a sucker for the unusual when it comes to fashion. Retro, modern, odd. Anything that looks different from the usual cookie cutter fashions or mesh template outfits. Today's finds came from Arcane Spellcaster at the February 2019 Designer Showcase (link is SLURL).

First up is Gramy. The dress is Bento rigged and comes with an optional "jacket". It's really an interesting outfit especially from the back. Very much an OMG that's so cute moment.

Gramy from back
Gramy is HUD driven and the jacket and dress are separately colored 10 ways. So for $350 you get 10 different outfits or if you care to mix and match the jacket and dress, 10 to the something power lol.

The last view shows how you might color the top and dress separately. Probably would be better if I'd done black and white but oh well.  Click on any of the images to view them full size. Note that there is quite a bit of side boob and the bottom is VERY short so it might not work for some.

Gramy is $350L at the showcase and worth every $L.

Pirette by Arcane Spellcaster
Next up is Pirette, also by Arcane Spellcaster. This one is borderline BDSM but it has an extra feature that really says buy me. The mesh is animated to look like the wind is gently blowing the back of the skirt up from your butt! Sort of a Marilyn Monroe poof on a mini-skirt.

Like Gramy, it comes with a color HUD but with 20 options.  I've show it here in black, teal and bright pink with advanced lighting but it seems to look a bit more natural without advanced lighting.

The designer claims both meshes are original and I have no reason to doubt that. Nothing else like these have crossed my fashion inbox. :)

Pirette is $450L.

For anyone who cares, my skin is Lumae Eirtae, body is Maitreya Lara, head is Utilizator Normie, hair is Roxana by Truth and shoes are Boston by KC.

Side view