October 5, 2015

New doll skin from Stix - Solii:Broken Parts

Stix Solii:Broken Parts Skin
Wandering off the beaten path from my usual taste in styles is this fun new skin from Stix. Aptly called Solii:Broken Parts, she does indeed look like a bit like a doll that's been taken apart and put back together slightly out of place. Her smudged makeup, alabaster pink skin tones and heavy dark eye shadow are suitable for goth or some artsy nightclub. Dare I say cosplay too? OK I did.

I didn't do anything fancy here for the photo. Midday lighting and a country pink outfit I thought would go well with the skin. It's also my usual shape, not something optimized for Solii (although I didn't see a shape in the package).

As with just about everything from Stix, you get multiple cleavage/nipple/girl parts options, mesh appliers for just about every body you can think of (Maitreya, Omega, TMP, Slink, Belleza, Soul, Baby Bump) plus the full complement of system skins.

Best of all? It's all only $199L. SLURL to inworld store: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hollow%20Shades/100/208/26.