December 1, 2015

New Linden Lab Terms of Service for Second Life

Well in case you haven't logged in lately, you'll be greeted with a new Terms of Service for Second Life today. Here's the summary from the top:
Linden Lab’s Terms of Service were updated on December 1, 2015 to:
  • remove outdated references to Desura and Authorized Resellers;
  • explicitly address our intolerance of harassment of Linden Lab employees; and
  • clarify the arbitration provision in accordance with applicable law.
The part that causes me no end of giggles is "intolerance of harassment of Linden Lab employees." I'm thinking to myself, well if only you ran a better show and fixed things that are broken, maybe you wouldn't get "harassed" (whatever that even means).

I mean seriously, maybe a few Lab employees should try working for a cable company in phone support for a day or two. Or dare I say try being a woman in a totally male dominated workplace. THEN you'd know what real harassment is like. Seriously, that line just comes across as whiny and overly sensitive. You're in a customer facing business. Deal with it. Grrrr.

Link to full TOS here:

October 5, 2015

New doll skin from Stix - Solii:Broken Parts

Stix Solii:Broken Parts Skin
Wandering off the beaten path from my usual taste in styles is this fun new skin from Stix. Aptly called Solii:Broken Parts, she does indeed look like a bit like a doll that's been taken apart and put back together slightly out of place. Her smudged makeup, alabaster pink skin tones and heavy dark eye shadow are suitable for goth or some artsy nightclub. Dare I say cosplay too? OK I did.

I didn't do anything fancy here for the photo. Midday lighting and a country pink outfit I thought would go well with the skin. It's also my usual shape, not something optimized for Solii (although I didn't see a shape in the package).

As with just about everything from Stix, you get multiple cleavage/nipple/girl parts options, mesh appliers for just about every body you can think of (Maitreya, Omega, TMP, Slink, Belleza, Soul, Baby Bump) plus the full complement of system skins.

Best of all? It's all only $199L. SLURL to inworld store:

September 22, 2015

Some thoughts on mesh avatars

Sassy Romano was wondering (in the Second Life Forums) why the enthusiasm for mesh bodies and also thinking that, with applier outfits, we've gone back full circle to system clothing which everyone has tried so hard to escape from. They're good questions so here's my take:

1. The mesh bodies I have (Maitreya, TMP and even Ohana) are much more realistic in shape than the system mesh. The breasts are much more natural (don't get me started on Lola's Tangos) and the hands & feet are just much better done. No more cankles either. You also get the option of wearing insanely high feet like Slink's for ridonkulous heels. Realistic, colorable and resizable nails & toenails too!

2. Paint-on clothing for mesh (aka system type) ends up looking more realistic because the layers are actually physically separated from each other. So clothing layer sits a bit further out than underwear which sits a bit further out than tattoo which is on the same physical level as skin. This actually gives 2D clothing some depth that it wouldn't have otherwise. I'm often surprised at how much more realistic an applier outfit looks on mesh than the same outfit looks when it's on a standard avatar.

3. All this goodness aside, mesh bodies are a royal PITA. I have to save each outfit wearing all the right body parts PLUS the appliers themselves AND if it's an OMEGA applier outfit, it also has to have the OMEGA relay attached too. Then you have to apply the clothing to the right layers. Oy.

4. Mesh bodies don't always work correctly with mesh clothing. Usually something is popping through and turning on the appropriate alphas for a mesh outfit is, again, a chore. Much easier to simply wear a mesh outfit with the standard avatar provided your shape is in-range and the designer has included a properly made alpha (many don't make good alphas).

Now for YEARS I've been screaming at LL to improve the base avatar. Seriously we have so much better hardware now that doubling the vertices and tweaking the sliders should be pretty straightforward. Make the layers do exactly what the mesh body layers do -- set the physical distance away from the avatar.

Another idea I've thought is that LL could provide a true ADULT avatar. One with more realistic bits. I'll bet a lot of people would check the appropriate over 18 boxes and pay extra for one.

Right now the load on the servers has GOT to be heavier with all these unoptimized and scripted monster mesh avatars running around. Wouldn't SL be better off with a much improved standardized avatar?

As usual, all comments and thoughts are welcome.

September 21, 2015

Cheap Mesh Applier Clothing (Part 1)

Since I bought my Maitreya Lara mesh body (which I love), my wardrobe has contracted a bit. All those system outfits with prim attachments don't work on mesh bodies and mesh clothing may or may not work depending on the shape, alpha matching and other factors.

Which means an excuse to go shopping all over again!

Now I've bought some very nice applier-based outfits but they've all been in the $300 - 500L range. This time out, I thought I'd see what I could do for under $100L.

Second Life Marketplace (The Horror)

The first thing I did was head to SLM. Now if you don't know how to shop SLM through it's very limited search function, SLM can be daunting. There is soo much JUNK there it makes browsing unpleasant.  Like 30 color-ways of some stupid system bikini selling for $1L. Or endless retextured halter tops. And don't get me started on DEMOs. 

The key to wading through it is to use the keywords NOT, AND, and OR when searching. Note the ALL CAPS. So I started with:

omega NOT demo

This immediately narrowed down my universe to (mostly) clothing that including "Omega" appliers and were not demo products. Next I further narrowed down the selection by picking prices under $100L and with 4 star & up reviews. Yes you may miss a few things this way but the sheer volume of SLM listings makes it a chore otherwise.

Next step was to browse through the results picking and choosing things I might like to wear or that I thought others might like.

My personal tastes

Please note that while I am no prude and occasionally like to wear something a bit frisky, I don't do Lola's Tangos or wear outsized shapes (butts or boobs). I'm also not big into outfits that put your bits on full display either. So my picks from SLM were things that looked good to me from the pictures and had decent reviews (at least 3). This led me to about 15 items that ranged in price from $99L to $1L and I'm happy to say, that I will gladly wear any of them. Uh well except one that I'd only wear for a special male someone lol. And so on to the outfits! I'll feature maybe 3 per article so let's see how things go.
!DC! Autumn Love

Except where noted ALL outfits are shown on the Maitreya Lara body with my standard SL ava head and SLink high feet. All the links in the titles go to the items on SLM as of this writing. You can also click on any of the photos to see them in full size detail.

!DC! Autumn Love ($10L)

This knit dress is deceptively simple. What makes it are the textures. They all line up correctly, it LOOKS like real knitting (or crocheting) and it will also work as a top by itself.

Even the one feature I don't like, a mesh panel to bridge the crotch and legs, works well enough and is barely noticeable when worn.

Autumn Love comes with a multi-applier that works with just about any mesh body system you can think of including Maitrey, Omega, SLink, TMP, Lola, etc.

Click on the picture to view in full size. 

Carie's Closet - Stacy Plum Kissed Top ($2L)

Carie's Closet - Stacy Plum Kissed Top
OK this is just a system top updated for Omega & Maitreya appliers but it works pretty well and it's only $2L. When I was making clothing, this sort of top was  typical of my own work so I can relate. :) It's cute and wearing it on the clothing layer of Lara makes it sit OFF the body slightly giving it a bit more realism than if it was worn on a system avatar. This is the sort of clothing that's almost impossible to do well in mesh.

B.D.R. (Beautiful Dirty Rich) - I'm Your Only Wish ($1L)

Now I actually have a number of BDR outfits lurking in inventory. Some undies, lingerie, tops as well as a few normal outfits. So when I saw this cute little lace babydoll I was like MUST OWN!

BDR - I'm Your Only Wish
And I was not disappointed. While it's an adapted system style outfit with one of those prim bridges across the crotch (that I hate), it works well and the lace details really come to life on mesh bodies. Sorry peeps, I blurred the bits on this one in Photoshop but trust me, you can see everything through it.

It is supplied in four different colors (pink, purple (shown), black and white) along with appliers for just about every mesh body and add-on under the sun except Maitreya but it including Omega.

Alma's Gift Lace Top ($1L)

Alma's Gift Lace Top
Finally, our last venture was a top that I thought was cute from the photos but didn't have any reviews. For $1L, I'll take a chance!

And the verdict is....winner! It's very cute, well detailed and while it's an applier only top, the illusion of going across the breast rather than being painted on the skin is very good when applied to clothing layer. I'd wear this with jeans shorts in a heartbeat! Yes, it shows a little peek-a-boo bottom boob but on SL, that's pretty tame. Comes with appliers for, Belezzo, Slink Physique & Omega. So who is Alma and what else does she make? As it turns out, mostly lingerie with quite a few 5 star ratings including some black lace panties for $1L with Omega appliers. Off to buy.

Do you like this article / series?

If this sort of thing is something you're interested in, please let me know in the comments or by retweeting the link. These things are a lot of work and I'd hate to be writing just for an audience of one. Tanx!

September 19, 2015

InWorldz goes open source

From the InWorldz blog...
InWorldz and Halcyon
Over the past year, InWorldz has released source code to the greater 3d simulation and virtual world community in an attempt to make quality solutions for common problems available to the masses. This has been done deliberately to raise the bar of expectations for users coming from larger more well funded companies to smaller grids like ours. 
Last week we released the core of the InWorldz simulator source code on GitHub. 
As well as being a community oriented virtual world, this release makes InWorldz an open source software company specializing in performance and stability oriented 3d simulation.
 I don't pretend to know what impact this will have on anything. That's for my techie followers and friends to tell me. :)

Link to complete article here:

August 1, 2015

New skin from PixyStix - Odine

Skins are really hard to for me to comment on because they are sooo tied into your shape. A skin that looks awesome on one avatar can look like a mess on another. So I'm always pleased when I see a skin that can be worn on different shapes without losing the intended feel. Such is the case with Odine from PixyStix -- a skin made for the Mesh Body Fair in Second Life.

Odine is not to my personal taste but there are a lot of avas in SL who love this look. Waifish. Slightly pouty mouth. Smooth skin, no blems. Innocent with a touch of naughty. If you wear the included shapes with Odine, you see what the designer was going for immediately. On my shape, I look a bit vacuous and lost lol (I'm tweaked for Asian facial characteristics) but still the look comes across.

PixyStix offers Odine with appliers for just about every mesh body you can think of as well as regular SL avatars. You'll need add-on eyelashes though if you choose to use Odine with an SL body. They aren't painted on the skin.

Pricing varies with packs and skin tones (5 available).

SLURL to PixyStix main store:

Viewer Managed Marketplace comes to my Second LIfe

Oh goodie. VMM. Just what I was waiting for .... not. So today my SL Marketplace items got auto-migrated over to my viewer -- which in my case is Cool VL Viewer (thanks Henri for all you do). Seems to have gone painlessly -- nothing got flagged, all my items showed up. But uggh, My Inventory is really not where I want to see all that junk.

Sigh, but I suppose it makes sense. Now I just have to figure out how it all works. :P

July 23, 2015

$1L Hybrid Mesh Formal with Appliers

Chiaro di Luna by Lamu Fashion (front view)
So I've been on a mesh tear lately since I bought the Maitreya mesh body "Lara" last week. Mostly it's been a huge learning curve trying to figure out how appliers work and what types of outfits work with mesh bodies and what don't. More on that in another article.

For now, I'm presenting Chiaro di Luna, a really nice formal from Lamu Fashion that's only $1L on the Second Life Marketplace. The amazing thing is that it comes with separate appliers for Belleza, Body TMP, Omega/Lolas, Maitreya and Slink Physique mesh bodies. That's some work!

In addition to the top & pants applied to the clothing layer, there is a mesh dress panel and two conventional flexi prims that make up the foot's lower lace ruffles.

The total effect is quite realistic inworld and movement of the flexis is what you would expect from quality work.
Chiaro di Luna by Lamu Fashion (back view)

I'm sure the designer (Lamu Freidman) is giving this away so you'll look at her other work. Although I tried to visit her inworld store, I crashed twice. Anyway here's the SLURL to Lamu:

And here's a link to the dress on SLM:

There's a bit of keyword spamming going on with the item title but I suppose we can forgive that since it's only $1L and well done.

July 15, 2015

Hair Fair 2015 in Second Life - The Horror of Mesh - UPDATED

I really feel bad making a post like this since I know how hard creators work at their craft. However, I have to say that this year's Hair Fair just left me feeling underwhelmed. Everyone's doing rigged mesh, which is cool in that the hair contours to your head and body. And it moves with you. However, it just looks, uh, plastic.

For reference, let's start with a blast from the past. Here we have Philip Linden aka Philip Rosedale rocking an early prim hair plus spikey system hair look on the left. Philip 2.0 is to the right, again with the basic prim hair deal.

So now let's see what we get from the hair fair. I don't mean to pick on Exile because in general, they make good stuff. But here's their Hair Fair 2015 gift. It really doesn't look like we've progressed all that much in terms of realism,

So Jill seems OK (sorry but Jack is just too, uh, precious and contrived for me). But let's look at the hair as actually worn in Second Life (and without Photoshopping or other stuff). It just looks flat. And as someone commented to me in SL today, that's the problem with most straight mesh hairs! They don't have any shine (maybe some coconut oil??). Still, to Exile's credit, this is one of the better freebies at the Fair.
Jill by Exile

Does it get better? No not really. I intended to pay $L for at least a few hairs just to make sure I was donating to the cause (Wigs for Kids) and it wouldn't be just a gripe about the freebies. 

So honestly, here's the BEST mesh hair I could find out of all the Hair Fair sims. It's Grace by MINA. It actually looks lots better in the photo than it does in-world. Here's the package photo. Note how spikey the pieces look -- and while the part that goes across the face LOOKS wispy and natural in the photo, it doesn't look nearly as good in-world.
Grace by MINA (blonde)
And here's Grace being worn on me -- not that I'm any great fashion model but I just want to show how most mesh hairs end up looking. No detail. Stiff. Stringy. Primmy. 

I think this is not so much a designer issue so much as it is a mesh issue. In the rush to rigged mesh, we end up with hair that looks like old school fixed prim hair with the ONLY advantage being that the wisps and strands don't intrude on your body.
Grace by MINA (chocolate)
For comparison, here is a typical prim & flexi Damselfly hair from 2012. This one's called Pya and it's been my go-to casual hair for years. Yes, the hair strands fly into your body but, it seems to me that the detail and subtleties of the textures and flexi wisps more than makes up for any "advantages" that rigged mesh offers (at least in the way most are implemented).
Pya by Damselfly
I also bought hair from Calico, Tameless and Blueberry.

First here's Hila by Blueberry -- again, rigged mesh. Note that we really haven't advanced THAT much with rigged mesh because the hair strands still go through the prim collar on my shirt. And again, we have that ropey, strandy look of mesh that just looks like someone used Play-Doh.

Hila by Blueberry
Next up is Piper by Calico. I really, really, really wanted to like Piper because some of my very first hairs were by Calico and at the time, they were very good. But, here's what rigged mesh does. Again big huge clumps and no real detail in the strands. Sigh. Seriously? But OK Calico, you got my $L because of memories. :)

Piper by Calico
My one surprise was Despina by Tameless. It's a gift hair with all colors included plus a colorable hairband (via HUD). But look at the detail! The wisps don't occlude your face and because it's an old school flexi hair, it moves naturally. So WTG Tameless. (And yes, I have a few of their hairs and goodies in my inventory from a few years ago. They still rock.)
Despina by Tameless
Now please creators, don't think I'm picking on you. I think it's just a limitation of mesh that you're dealing with. And really, these are examples of some of the BETTER mesh efforts. There were so many god-awful ones at the fair, I was actually wondering why a designer would even bother with mesh.

But don't let this stop you from donating to the cause Wigs for Kids. You can do so by clicking boxes throughout the Hair Fair or by going directly to the organization at the link above.

UPDATE: Added inworld photo of Jill hair by Exile with commentary.

June 28, 2015

Currency exchanges fight back against Linden Lab

From Hypergrid Business....
A week ago, Linden Lab announced that third-party exchanges have to stop offering Linden dollars, which will effectively put all or most of them out of business.
Exchange operators are now asking users to sign a petition to keep them alive. So far, this petition has already garnered 600 signatures.
Read the full article here:

June 12, 2015

Some more changes to Second Life Groups

In addition to increasing the number of groups Premium residents can have (from 42 to 60) and reducing chat lag, Linden Lab has also made a few other changes to Second Life Groups "under the hood" so to speak. One affects the loading of Group member lists for very large Groups (those over 5000).

Inara Pey has a good deal of information on it here: Changes to Second Life Groups Explained

A new Snickers

I know I know. Not very catchy title is it? At first I thought "Snickers is dead" but that was too much drama queen stuffs. Then I tried "Old Snickers is dead, long live new Snickers" but that's just icky.

New Snickers - Amelia Skin by Aeva
So you're left with the prosaically stupid "A new Snickers". What does it mean? Well for me it was a bit traumatic. After 4 years of pretty much the same look (a skin and shape I made myself), I started playing around with the whole mesh avatar thing, appliers and all that stuff. (Noooo I'm not doing Lolas Tangos.)

That process led me through a merry adventure of demo skins, a couple of different trial avatars and new shapes. Plus I already had to break down and buy
SLink feet since my fave designer (Inga Wind) is now supplying most of her outfits with really cute shoes that are designed for the SLink high footsies.

Old school SL bikini so you can see  new skin. Click for full size
pinup picture.
So in this whole process, I came across a skin that looked cool from the pictures and was available as a discontinued item on SL Marketplace.

I absolutely fell in love with Amelia by Aeva. It's not a current skin in her line but was on SL Marketplace (and was cheap) so I snagged it.

Amelia has the sort of eyes I've always wanted plus a nice, natural skin tone similar to the skin I had made in Photoshop. Plus it comes with multiple cleavage looks from none to over the top, three different colorations and brow/freckles options. Shown is mid-cleavage with brow and freckles.

I made a few tweaks to my shape including, sigh, bigger boobies to fit more of the mesh outfits I've been wearing, some facial changes and a little more fat and muscle here and there. Voila, you have the new Snickers!

My next adventure will be fooling around with mesh avatars. I've already experimented with one which I plan to write about soon and I'm looking around for others to play with. (Creators feel free to contact me for this project.) :)

So what do you think? Any suggestions?

I've thrown up pics of my old skin (face and same bikini) so you can get an idea of the changes. Not huge mind you but enough that it seems like some fresh air to me. As usual you can click on the image to see the full size photo.

Old skin & shape

Old skin - Snickers Rose Tan 8d

Old skin - Snickers Rose Tan 8d

June 4, 2015

Yellow, low-cut but tasteful. It's Lisbeth!

OK so the headline is a tease. It's also how I would think of Cat Deely (So You Think You Can Dance) writing one. She's used to have that annoying habit of announcing people with lines like:

"And doing a special version of the cha-cha-cha, let's hear it for -- it's Lisbeth!"

Lisbeth by Inga Wind
Not "here's Lisbeth" or just "Lisbeth" but "it's Lisbeth". Never quite figured that out. Oh well. I digress.

Today's Lisbeth is another Inga Wind outfit that I'm referring to as a "Little Yellow Dress". It's like the classic clubbing or cocktail black dress only brighter (and with a bit more cleavage than usual for an Inga outfit).

The textures on this actually look a bit nicer than my photo. You can click on it for a full-size look. Mostly it's the lighting -- a bit harsh in my studio.

Anyway, this dress can be almost anything depending on how you accessorize it. And as usual, it comes with some nice stiletto sandals (for SLINK high feet).

Price is $180L and comes in Yellow (shown), Black, White and Violet.

Here's the SLURL: Inga Wind Fashion

March 27, 2015

Haru to you too! New fashion from Inga Wind

Inga Wind is a demoness and keeps turning out outfit after outfit. Today's featured item is "Haru". I wasn't sure what to call the styling and then it hit me -- office prom chic! Sort of what you might wear to a senior prom if you were fabulously toney, wealthy and committed to becoming the CEO of Yahoo in 7 years.

What makes Haru interesting are the peplum sides and single halter made of flowers which folds into the sash top. Very creative.

As usual, matching shoes (peep toe slingbacks) come with the outfit and are designed to fit Slink high feet.

Now for the amazing news. Haru is only $110L AND if you are a member of the Wind group, it's 10% off that when you wear your tag.

Haru comes in royal blue/purple (shown), black, brown and salmon.

SLURL to Inga Wind Clothing

March 19, 2015

The dangers of fashion names

OK did the tease headline get you?

It's really nothing serious other than finding a buried treasure within Inga Wind's fashions.

So I was cleaning up my inventory, moving things around, renaming stuff when I came across an outfit from Inga called "Maisy" that I didn't think I had unboxed. But then I checked and hmmm I unboxed it. Or so I thought.

The foldered "Maisy" looks like this. Kind of an all purpose, pleated mesh cocktail dress. OK fine. I picked up cocktail Maisy in April of 2014.

But then I noticed that the acquire date on the Maisy copy (or so I thought) that I still hadn't unboxed looked like it was from late 2014. OMG. What? OK hmm. Inga names ALL of her clothes with real life first names and I've never known her to repeat a name. Until now! (Hah! I caught you!)

So I unboxed the later Maisy and yep, completely different outfit. Not even remotely similar.

Anyway, newer Maisy is super awesome! OMG look at those details! I mean seriously, it makes me want to jump on some biker dude's Harley and ride off into the sunset. And the "effme" heels (for Slink high feet) are perfect.

So how did I miss reporting on this when it first came out? Well you got it -- the dangers of fashion names. Maisy & Maisy. They must be twin sisters -- one good and one very bad. I like bad Maisy lol.

I have no idea what the price is but I assume it's still available in world here:

SLURL to Inga Wind Clothing

March 15, 2015

A sexxii mesh outfit from Inga Wind

Kendall in Silver by Inga Wind
A slight departure from Inga's usual fare, "Kendall" (as she continues naming outfits with first names) has a sort of latex / metallic look to it. The details are stunning, the alphas are perfect-o and it looks flat out hawt!

The included platform stilettos are designed for Slink "high" feet so you'll have to own a pair for them to fit. (Maybe I should get some Slink hands too? Those wrist cankles are awful!)

Kendall comes in 5 sizes from XXS - L and the proportions are about perfect across the whole size run. Available in 4 color ways -- Black, Silver (shown), Green and Red.

Price is $180L -- Wind group members get 10% off.

Hair: Svety by Damselfly
Jewelry: Circle Charm *MM*
Skin/Shape - Snickers
Outfit & Shoes - Inga Wind

SLURL to Inga Wind Clothing

March 6, 2015

Virtual Reality: Still Goofy

Short piece from Information Week. Doesn't really say much except what most people already know -- the reality part of virtual has a long ways to go. Personally, I'm holding out for when I can buy a cheap holodeck at Best Buy.

March 5, 2015

Second Life's Radegast Viewer needs a developer - UPDATE

I guess I've been living in a pixel cave or something. I hadn't realized that Latif Kalifa, the developer of the excellent "lightweight metaverse client" Radegast was in failing health and had announced his retirement from further work on his open source projects. He will be missed since much of the libopenmetaverse library code that enables other non-Linden dependent viewers (like Metabolt) was his.

I use Radegast all the time when playing HUD games where I need to log in an alt or two OR when working in some resource heavy program like Photoshop. Radegast doesn't bring my computer to a crawl and it's light touch on graphics is hugely appreciated. It has a few issues but most of them can be worked-around.

Here's what appears to be Latif's final post:

Radegast is definitely worth saving. Hopefully someone will pick it up.

UPDATE: A number of people have responded to my blog post on Twitter including @vrhax who has now duplicated the current code repository, @SignpostMarv (love that handle) who was originally listed as a contributor on Radgeast but hasn't been on SL for awhile and @RobinCornelius, also listed as a contributor to Radegast. There is talk of a fork for Radegast to continue it. Yay!

March 4, 2015

Innsmouth: An Adventure in Horror

Honestly I haven't really been out exploring much in Second Life due to RL busy-ness. But, when I went in-world the other day, I got to chatting with my good friend and very awesome SL DJ, Speelo Snook (no relation but we both have that alliteration thing going on with our old school SL names). We were talking about some of the old and new SL places we'd been too and he was like "oh by the way, have you ever been to Innsmouth?"

I confessed I hadn't. Speelo explained it was a sim to replicate the town of Innsmouth which was featured in a couple of H. P. Lovecraft novels. Now I am a voracious reader but I'd honestly never read anything by Lovecraft. Speelo was semi-incredulous (I don't think he ever truly gets fully incredulous) and explained the premise. I won't bore you with the backstory but you can read it all here: And yes, that's actually a photo from the Innsmouth sim on Wikipedia! Wow cool! Suffice it to say, it's sort of the zombie apocalypse meets Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl with a Roaring 20's theme thrown in.

Entry portal to Innsmouth
Since Speelo 'splained it was 20's - 30's time frame, I dashed on a flapper outfit and joined him at the entrance to the sim. It's basically a teleport door that, once everything has rezzed, you "sit" on. Took us both awhile to figger it out.

Once you TP to the sim itself, you enter a world one can only describe as depressing, grungy, decrepit but incredibly well done. The details on the building exteriors are absolutely stunning.

Of course there's a zombie policeman to greet you. And all the run-down, abandoned buildings are so detailed you really feel like you are in sci-fi town only a twisted imagination could create.

Other than looking at the rest of my photos (Speelo is the dude in the white suit), I will mention that I got adventurous, opened a door and allowed myself to get molested by a tentacled beastie.

I say allowed because it's pose-ball driven so you don't have to do it but it is part of the story line so ,OK, I ventured it.

Speelo and I tried RP'ing husband & wife lost and looking for directions with another avatar hanging out but she was either seriously AFK or thinking we were st00pid. I think AFK.

Here are the rest of the shots. Enjoy and if you've ever been to Innsmouth in Second Life, let me know what you think! Oh and here's the SLURL. But don't say I didn't warn you!

Spoooooky scene looking toward church

Main Street
Me looking very flapper-ish

Uh-oh, we found a monster behind a door

And that hurts.

I don't think this is normal physical therapy.

February 28, 2015

How dangerous are inventory backups?

Interesting article by Maria Korolov over at Hypergrid Business. It's a discussion about copybotting, making personal backups of inventory items and open grids. Worth a read. I learned some new things including a grid system I'd never heard -- Kitely.

January 26, 2015

Warm, winter, wooly from Inga Wind

I have not tried this on but from what I see in the photo, "Beyonce" from Inga Wind should be a big hit for those planning on braving cold blustery weather. Whether it's apres ski or just walking to work in the snow, this mesh outfit (sized and fitmesh) is perfectly fashion forward and practical. And yes, you can trust Wind's outfits to look exactly like the photos.

Available in 4 color ways including purple, salmon, black and olive. $220L includes all clothing shown plus boots. Group members get a 10% discount.

SLURL to Inga Wind store