January 10, 2011

New Release from Inga Wind - Naida

I know it's been a long time between posts but fun, family, friends and holidays have taken a front seat to bloggy posts. So nyah!! :P

Anyway,  Inga has released another of her wonderful fairy outfits -- this time with a water/dolphin theme. Naida in Blush (shown below) is the first in the series and has been followed by a version in silver. It's absolutely magical!!! Sort of a cross between harem silks and a filmy formal, Naida comes with matching shoes, tiara wings and an animated dolphin you can ride should you decide to get wet.

As usual, the detail is exquisite and the textures all line up perfectly from top to bottom. If I had one very small nitpick, it's that the dolphin detail above your belly button is a bit hard to discern. Regardless, it's a truly wonderful outfit that gets oohs and ahhs wherever you go. I'd love to see it in aqua and pale yellow!

For members of Inga's group, the outfit is $500L, regular price is $950L.