June 26, 2010

New Release: "Kelly" by Inga Wind

I love flirty, fun dresses and Inga's latest release, "Kelly", has to be one of the flirtiest, funnest, little numbers I've ever seen. Or worn. This outfit is "cute" defined. The textures on the prim frills match the outfit perfectly and, as usual, the perception of detail in the outfit is excellent. $300L including matching pumps.

Outfit: Kelly by Inga Wind
Shoes: Inga Wind
Stockings: LMI freebies
Skin: Rose Tan by Sncikers
Hair: "Svelty" by Damselfly

Inga Wind main store: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pitreavie/181/200/39

June 24, 2010

Mark Kingdon out as Linden Lab CEO

OMFG, this is the best news I've had all month (well, as far as Second Life goes).

Philip Rosedale returns to lab.

I have no idea what it portends but it's GOT to better than what Kingdon has wrought on our community! Philip at least "gets it" while Kingdon never did.

June 17, 2010

Great take on the state of Linden Lab

I was chatting with Joel Savard (Joel Foner in RL) in SL this evening. We were discussing the recent press release by Linden Lab (30% staff reductions etc) and the letter from M Linden (Mark Kingdon) to all SL residents which puts a slightly different spin on things from the press release. Bottom line? It's all BS. We're screwed. As a corporate PR grrl, I should know. I write this stuff for a living. Too bad they didn't even give the mess believable spin. Sigh.

So, if you want a great take on what's really going on with Linden Lab and Second Life, you have to read Crap Mariner's (aka Second Lie aka ??) blog post. It's a laundry list of grips and issues -- and every one of them is dead on.

Awesome blog post by Crap Mariner!

Also highly recommended reading: JoelFoner.com

June 9, 2010

Linden Lab Restructures - What next?

I'll start with the press release from Linden Lab today:

Linden Lab Restructures

Highlights - 30% personnel reductions, combining engineering and product teams into one, restructuring customer support to provide more "scalable services"  and moving toward a browser-based technology. Uggggh.

Is Linden Lab on crack? Why do I get that feeling all my content creation and that of others is destined for the trash bin? Why do I think we're headed for a Habbo Hotel morphed with Facebook experience? Maybe it's because Mark "Im a God" Kingdon seems to be pushing that direction with every executive decision this company makes. Does Teh Lab honestly think everyone has the bandwidth for a rich browser-based technology? Or am I thinking it's going to run on Flash? And can support get any worse? (Don't answer that, it probably can.)

Maybe combining engineering and product teams isn't such a bad thing -- after all, right now the two don't seem to talk to each other. Commerce, for example, makes decisions, announces them and then finds out months later that it can't be done. JIRA's go unanswered. Resident ideas are ignored. Even with Torley pushing big-time on the snapshot to email bug, it's still not fixed.

<sarcasm> But don't worry folks, all is OK. The balance sheet looks great. We're doing well. Ignore the man behind the curtain.

I'm getting a little tired of being whipsawed back and forth by this silly company that created a playground (where its residents can make such a rich experience for many of us) but seems destined to chuck it all in favor of the next new shinies. How about you?