February 19, 2010

All Cybernetic Skins - $1L - WOW!!

Cybernetic has all their skins on sale for $1L. I don't know how long this will last but you owe it to yourself to check them out! The skins are lovely and just my style. Not too heavy on the makeup, nice tones, excellent shadow details. My only quibble (and a very minor personal one at that) is that they are a little too perfect. But oh my, how can you pass these up when they are only $1L each?? I bought samples of each of the tanned and darker skins. Most are available in 3 or 4 shades plus 16 makeup variations.

First off is Amy -- probably my favorite. Great shadows,  good body definition and overall perfect fit with my avatar shape and style. It's very similar to a skin I made myself based on Eloh Eliot's Pleiades (I did a fair amount of texturing to make my version more "blemishy" and freckly).

Next is Gina. Clearly going for the pouty lip look with this one. But not over the top into the Angelina "bee sting" look as many skin designers seem to do these days. I would wear this if I were feeling a bit vampish. :-)

And finally Jessy. A little darker on the makeup with lips that are right between Amy & Gina. This would make a great skin for a mysterious evening out and about with someone special in Second Life!

There are two other skin styles, both lovely in their own ways. Also Cybernetic has some really nice men's skins complete with 12 variations on the facial fuzz. From simple mustache and Apollo Ono soul patch to full beards and the 3-day old shave look.

So check these out. Here's your limo!


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