August 1, 2015

New skin from PixyStix - Odine

Skins are really hard to for me to comment on because they are sooo tied into your shape. A skin that looks awesome on one avatar can look like a mess on another. So I'm always pleased when I see a skin that can be worn on different shapes without losing the intended feel. Such is the case with Odine from PixyStix -- a skin made for the Mesh Body Fair in Second Life.

Odine is not to my personal taste but there are a lot of avas in SL who love this look. Waifish. Slightly pouty mouth. Smooth skin, no blems. Innocent with a touch of naughty. If you wear the included shapes with Odine, you see what the designer was going for immediately. On my shape, I look a bit vacuous and lost lol (I'm tweaked for Asian facial characteristics) but still the look comes across.

PixyStix offers Odine with appliers for just about every mesh body you can think of as well as regular SL avatars. You'll need add-on eyelashes though if you choose to use Odine with an SL body. They aren't painted on the skin.

Pricing varies with packs and skin tones (5 available).

SLURL to PixyStix main store:

Viewer Managed Marketplace comes to my Second LIfe

Oh goodie. VMM. Just what I was waiting for .... not. So today my SL Marketplace items got auto-migrated over to my viewer -- which in my case is Cool VL Viewer (thanks Henri for all you do). Seems to have gone painlessly -- nothing got flagged, all my items showed up. But uggh, My Inventory is really not where I want to see all that junk.

Sigh, but I suppose it makes sense. Now I just have to figure out how it all works. :P