February 5, 2010

Lindal Kidd's "An Open Letter to the Lindens"

With the imminent closing of the official Second Life Forums (in favor of Linden Lab's horrid "blogrums" aka Jive Software's Clearspace), literally hundreds of farewell messages are being posted. They range from the drama embued "I'm leaving SL" posts to "See you on the SL Universe forums" to the more normal soft, whimpering acceptance of grief and loss over what was truly a remarkable community. Count me in the latter group.

None of these posts though, can hold a candle to Lindal Kidd's parting shot, "An Open Letter to the Lindens". Lindal cross-posted it to both the Forums and to the blogs, although, as has all too often been the case of late, Lexie Linden locked the thread (and will probably delete it) before it's had a chance to really see the light of day.

I urge you to read it before it's too late. Lindal does a great job of summing up what's right and different about Second Life and all the crappy things Linden Lab seems hell bent on doing to kill it.

If you have access to the official Forums, you can read the post there and offer your own comments.

It's a sad time.

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