October 11, 2012

Three new, totally cute mesh outfits

My friend Inga Wind has been busy again! She's just released three new mesh outfits including one that has become my new favorite sloppy casual. I'm just going to post Inga's own package photos of the outfits since they're as close to what you'll actually get as the real thing.
The top two outfits, Lia and Nia, are basically different texturings of the same design. Both include top, jeans and ballet flats in a full range of sizes to cover most avatar shapes. You may have to mod your avatar a little to keep the top under control but most tweaks will be minor. Lia and Nia sell for $350L retail while group members get them for $175L. (If you haven't joined Inga's group, you should. The discounts for members are huge! Just search for "Wind" or visit her store and let the inviter do the rest.)

Next up (and my new fave) is Siri. Soooo cute! Pretty much what I might wear in real life.  The details in the hoodie sweater are amazing. Everything is included as shown including the awesomesauce kicks. 5 sizes are included along with alphas to cover any combination of this outfit that you'd wear including as separates. Siri is a little more pricey at $400L ($200L for group members) but she could become your all-around casual "go to" outfit for every day in Second Life.

Here's an SLURL to Inga Wind Clothing: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pitreavie/195/247/375