December 11, 2014


Ooooh catchy title right? Sort of like that robot on Lost in Space ... "Danger, Will Robinson!"

Actually the title is from a blog article on WND (honestly not something I read at all) that I found via Google Alerts for anything to do with Second Life or other virtual world topics.

 It's really a fairly rational commentary on virtual worlds and online porn. Utherverse, Second Life and Jiggler get mentions from the author who points out that a generation is at risk of abandoning real life responsibility, problems and relationships for online alternatives. Well, he's right. There I said it.

Now back to your poseballs.

December 10, 2014

They ruined Sweethearts Jazz Club

I used to be a big fan of Sweethearts Jazz Club. I've met a lot of nice people there (including a BF), the ambiance was more sophisticated than most clubs (but still fun) and the lack of lag was always a plus.

So tonight I put on one of my oh-so-cute formals, hopped onto the teleport limo and was like OMG! What have they done to the club? First thing, I walked straight ahead into a waterfall where there used to be stairs, immediately fell off and went underwater with no way of getting back to land.

So I did the original TP and walked in and up the stairs via the new (and cheesy looking) entrance. I was SOOO shocked! What used to be a nice design with bars, lounge chairs, couches, cocktail tables, a piano bar, nice looking dance floor, etc. was nothing more an ugly dance floor with country-style line dance spots plopped into the middle of a shopping mall.

Seriously, all that's missing from this tacky mess are a line of ZYNGO machines, 10 more "Donate" and "Vote" boxes and a few more sploders. Why wear a formal or cocktail dress here? Just put on your platties, short-shorts and a bebe crop top, Juicy purse and scream "I'm a mall rat and proud of it!"

Yes it's hard to make money in Second Life and I get that things can't always stay the same. But going tacky commercial and trying to make up for it with hollow greeters begging you to dance is not going to work for this old gal.

December 9, 2014

Kasja from Inga Wind

Since I've been off from blogging for so long, I've been remiss with my fashion updates. Meantime, a few new outfits from Inga Wind showed up on my doorstep and I picked one to feature. It's called Kasja and it's all mesh goodness with very nice, subtle textures. You really get the feeling that you have a knit dress and sateen vest on. And of course, the outfit comes with shooooz! :-)

No idea how much it costs cuz I was maxed out on IMs and notices. But, if history is any indication, probably in the $200 - $300 range.

Here's the SLURL to Inga's store:

Inga Wind Clothing

Happy shopping!

Going back in time to The Free Dove!

Sorry I haven't posted for awhile. I've been super busy in RL, it's a hugely busy time of the year plus I've been randomly sick with colds and other medical junk that was leaving me too drained for blogging about SL. Anyway, nuf o' that.

I was going through my Second Life landmarks in inventory this evening to weed out those that were dead, had moved or were otherwise useless. Lo and behold (seems appropriate to say this time of year), I came across an LM for The Free Dove. Or as it's listed in the LM, THE FREE DOVE as if ALL CAPS will make it even more FREE!

I have to give Palomna Casanova (the owner) props for hanging in there against all odds. Since 2006, THE FREE DOVE has been handing out freebies to newbs and regular folks alike. And generally speaking, the quality has always been pretty good. I still have a ton of Penguin and other prim shoes from TFD that I still wear now and then. I mean sometimes blocks and buttons and tortured prims make great wearables (LOL).

So on my quick swing through the store, I picked up an interesting skin, a nice bobbed-cut hair, 3 mesh dresses, and a pair of pink ankle boots. (I'm a real sucker for ankle boots.)

Everything was well crafted. The boots are awesomesauce. And I'm just totally amazed that THE FREE DOVE is still around for freebie goodness.

Yay Palomna!

Give the store a visit if you're in the mood to shop for freeeeee! SLURL below: