November 9, 2017

My new fave hair by Truth - Makena

OK, OK. A friend just reminded me that it's been forever since I blogged about anything. Well, sad to say, my real life has overtaken my SL. From traveling to work, life has been hectic. Anyway, this is overdue but better late than never I guess.
So I'm not a huge fan of all mesh hair. They generally look like you've maxed out the gel or hair spray because they don't move. It's a bit weird to have some long flowing hairstyle that looks plastered to your body. HOWEVER, there are some advantages. For one, those long flowing tresses can be rigged so they don't cut through your body. And for another, they're super easy to retexture, color or style. Simply show/hide a meshy part and poof, you have a whole new look.
Truth's October Gift (see it is overdue since it's now November) for VIP members is everything a good mesh hair can possibly be. It's HUD-driven with hundreds of color options. It comes with a Styling HUD for about 20 different looks. AND, you can change the color on the hair bands with yet another HUD. So here we go with a bunch of photos of Makena by Truth!
Makena with one front wisp

Makena with two front wisps

Makena pulled back

Makena front wisps and pony tails over front.
NOTE that head position will cause hair to move into shoulder.

Makena back view with hairbands (twin ponytails)

Makena buns

Makena in pink from pastel HUD

Hair bands colored via HUD
With the exception of the over the front look where the hair can disappear into your body, everything about Makena is super well done as one can expect from Truth. If you aren't a VIP member, you should be. For only $350L, the monthly gift hairs are well worth the cost of joining!