October 28, 2009

Inga Wind - *Azure* Outfit

I'm not sure how to describe this. Cowgirl formal? Colorado chic? Denim gypsy? Whatever, it's stunning! From the embroidery to the stitching and lace skirt, once again Inga Wind proves she is the master of detail! Complete outfit includes shoes, jeans, mini-skirt and midi-skirt versions! Wow! 

  • Hair - Damselfly "Svelty"
  • Jewelry - Exodi "Santa Fe"
  • Boots - Decoy "Jully"

Inga Wind Fashion

Inga Wind - *Rebecca* Outfit

Yet another amazing outfit from Inga Wind. Rebecca in ivory with gloves, shoes, gauzy prim skirt (sit script included) and streamers. Hair by FS, jewelry by Alienbear. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pitreavie/182/200/40

October 20, 2009

aDiva - Freebie Costume "BloodRed Bitch"

This amazing outfit came from a lucky pumpkin at the aDiva Couture Main Store. OMG!

Costume: aDiva Couture
Boots: DECOY Jully
Hair: Damselfly Svety
Skin: Snickers Rose Tan

Inga Wind - *Jade* Outfit

For my first real post other than my whine about bit.ly, here's a new outfit called *Jade* by my favorite designer, Inga Wind! It has a fun folksy / dirndl feel to it without being too precious or over-the-top St. Pauli Girl boobs-in-the-beer-stein.

Inga gets the illusion of amazing detail out of patterns and prims unlike just about anyone I've seen and her shadows are the most carefully crafted I've ever seen.

Here's the slurl to Inga's store.

Hair is Damselfly Pya, skin is *Snickers* Rose Tan (my own concoction) and jewelry is a freebie from Beloved!

October 16, 2009

bit.ly problems

For the last two months I have been getting an error whenever I try to Tweet a shortened URL from bit.ly: "There was a problem posting your request. Please try again." Not only that, but it won't even let me delete my Twitter account to see if I can re-add it to get the tweet from bit.ly feature back to working.

If anyone has any ideas why this is happening or what I can do to fix it, I'd appreciate it. I use Firefox 3 on Windows XP Pro.