April 30, 2011

Another shopping trip to Bare Rose

I was really into Bare Rose when I first started on Second Life, especially since they had a great section full of freebies and low cost items. I remember getting stockings, undies, tops and all sorts of things to fill out my wardrobe. But that was then and now is now (ooooh, how profound). :)

Out of kitty kuriosity, I went back to B@R a couple weeks ago and OMG, now I can't get enough. I'm up to 10 outfits and may still buy a few more before my shopping fix is satisfied. Today I'll feature two of them.

The first is sort of a Judy Jetson sexy go-go Little BoPeep look called, generically enough, Sheered Mini Dress. For $170L it comes as shown with funky matching heels, collar, stockings and gloves. Plus, you get five colors: blue (shown), purple, pink/red, green and dark (sort of gray black). Wow! Could a bargain get any better than that?

You can also take off the white jacket layer bodice for a racy, see-through hello headlights look. That would be the Judy Jetson BoPeep slightly slutty look. :)

Next up is Black Petal. Also at $170L, this very detailed and sexii outfit is guaranteed to drive the boyz wild (or grrlz if you roll that way). At least when I wore it for the first time in public, my IMs suddenly went from 1 window to 5. =^_^=

What really impresses me about Black Petal is the use of the system skirt layer to produce a nice transparent lace mini-skirt effect without making your booty look huge! That's my regular shape and, as you can see, I think it looks terminally cute.

It's only supplied in the one color (black) but it may be available separately in white. Shoes do not come with it (shown are Gothic Booties from :DbNR:).

Finding these outfits at B@R's main store can be a real treasure hunt in and of itself. These two are located on the main giant wall of women's fashions. Be patient and let everything rez before you start hunting things down. At these prices, it's worth it. And as usual, you can click on the piccy's for full-size shots.

SLURL to Bare Rose HQ