February 5, 2013

Blogger, Twitter, gadget & widget fails

Just now I noticed that my Twitter stream was no longer showing up in this blog. At first I thought there was something wrong with the "gadget" (in Blogger-speak) I used to display it. After fooling around with no luck, I gave up and searched. Lo and behold, Twitter has disabled the use of all 3rd party Twitter streaming tools including my gadget. You have to use Twitter's widget.

OK fine, whatever. So I head to Blogger's add a Gadget thing. Guess what? It's broken. All you get is a pop-up that says "Oops, something is broken." with instructions to try refreshing, deleting cookies, clearing cache, etc. OK, tried all that. It's still broken.

And naturally, when I go to see if there's any way of plopping Twitter's widget into my page directly, I'm totally lost in a swamp of CSS, HTML, macros, etc. in the Blogger template I use. I tried pasting the official Twitter widget code into a likely looking spot but, naturally, it didn't work. Arrghh!

So thank you Google for not keeping Blogger working and not providing any easy way to report bugs.


Thanks Ghosty & Peter for showing me how to do this using a pre-defined Gadget called HTML/Javascript. Pretty simple to do -- just paste the Twitter code into it. However, it's totally not obvious since you have that "Add your own gadget" link on the left that absolutely does not work.

CasperTech bans 26 users from vending system

Casper Warden just sent out a notice in Second Life for CasperTech vending systems support group stating he has globally banned 26 users from the CasperTech network, including all vendors and rental units. The users, all related in some way, were found to be selling stolen content on the marketplace.

I IM'd Casper but he must be buried in messages after announcing this since he hasn't replied. And of course, due to SL Terms of Service and the possibility of getting into legal do-do, he's not going to disclose any names.

I find it interesting that he's doing on a small scale what Linden Lab often won't do period.