March 5, 2015

Second Life's Radegast Viewer needs a developer

I guess I've been living in a pixel cave or something. I hadn't realized that Latif Khalifa, the developer of the excellent "lightweight metaverse client" Radegast was in failing health and had announced his retirement from further work on his open source projects. He will be missed since much of the libopenmetaverse library code that enables other non-Linden dependent viewers (like Metabolt) was his.

I use Radegast all the time when playing HUD games where I need to log in an alt or two OR when working in some resource heavy program like Photoshop. Radegast doesn't bring my computer to a crawl and it's light touch on graphics is hugely appreciated. It has a few issues but most of them can be worked-around.

Here's what appears to be Latif's final post:

Radegast is definitely worth saving. Hopefully someone will pick it up.

March 4, 2015

Innsmouth: An Adventure in Horror

Honestly I haven't really been out exploring much in Second Life due to RL busy-ness. But, when I went in-world the other day, I got to chatting with my good friend and very awesome SL DJ, Speelo Snook (no relation but we both have that alliteration thing going on with our old school SL names). We were talking about some of the old and new SL places we'd been too and he was like "oh by the way, have you ever been to Innsmouth?"

I confessed I hadn't. Speelo explained it was a sim to replicate the town of Innsmouth which was featured in a couple of H. P. Lovecraft novels. Now I am a voracious reader but I'd honestly never read anything by Lovecraft. Speelo was semi-incredulous (I don't think he ever truly gets fully incredulous) and explained the premise. I won't bore you with the backstory but you can read it all here: And yes, that's actually a photo from the Innsmouth sim on Wikipedia! Wow cool! Suffice it to say, it's sort of the zombie apocalypse meets Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl with a Roaring 20's theme thrown in.

Entry portal to Innsmouth
Since Speelo 'splained it was 20's - 30's time frame, I dashed on a flapper outfit and joined him at the entrance to the sim. It's basically a teleport door that, once everything has rezzed, you "sit" on. Took us both awhile to figger it out.

Once you TP to the sim itself, you enter a world one can only describe as depressing, grungy, decrepit but incredibly well done. The details on the building exteriors are absolutely stunning.

Of course there's a zombie policeman to greet you. And all the run-down, abandoned buildings are so detailed you really feel like you are in sci-fi town only a twisted imagination could create.

Other than looking at the rest of my photos (Speelo is the dude in the white suit), I will mention that I got adventurous, opened a door and allowed myself to get molested by a tentacled beastie.

I say allowed because it's pose-ball driven so you don't have to do it but it is part of the story line so ,OK, I ventured it.

Speelo and I tried RP'ing husband & wife lost and looking for directions with another avatar hanging out but she was either seriously AFK or thinking we were st00pid. I think AFK.

Here are the rest of the shots. Enjoy and if you've ever been to Innsmouth in Second Life, let me know what you think! Oh and here's the SLURL. But don't say I didn't warn you!

Spoooooky scene looking toward church

Main Street
Me looking very flapper-ish

Uh-oh, we found a monster behind a door

And that hurts.

I don't think this is normal physical therapy.

February 28, 2015

How dangerous are inventory backups?

Interesting article by Maria Korolov over at Hypergrid Business. It's a discussion about copybotting, making personal backups of inventory items and open grids. Worth a read. I learned some new things including a grid system I'd never heard -- Kitely.

January 26, 2015

Warm, winter, wooly from Inga Wind

I have not tried this on but from what I see in the photo, "Beyonce" from Inga Wind should be a big hit for those planning on braving cold blustery weather. Whether it's apres ski or just walking to work in the snow, this mesh outfit (sized and fitmesh) is perfectly fashion forward and practical. And yes, you can trust Wind's outfits to look exactly like the photos.

Available in 4 color ways including purple, salmon, black and olive. $220L includes all clothing shown plus boots. Group members get a 10% discount.

SLURL to Inga Wind store

December 11, 2014


Ooooh catchy title right? Sort of like that robot on Lost in Space ... "Danger, Will Robinson!"

Actually the title is from a blog article on WND (honestly not something I read at all) that I found via Google Alerts for anything to do with Second Life or other virtual world topics.

 It's really a fairly rational commentary on virtual worlds and online porn. Utherverse, Second Life and Jiggler get mentions from the author who points out that a generation is at risk of abandoning real life responsibility, problems and relationships for online alternatives. Well, he's right. There I said it.

Now back to your poseballs.

December 10, 2014

They ruined Sweethearts Jazz Club

I used to be a big fan of Sweethearts Jazz Club. I've met a lot of nice people there (including a BF), the ambiance was more sophisticated than most clubs (but still fun) and the lack of lag was always a plus.

So tonight I put on one of my oh-so-cute formals, hopped onto the teleport limo and was like OMG! What have they done to the club? First thing, I walked straight ahead into a waterfall where there used to be stairs, immediately fell off and went underwater with no way of getting back to land.

So I did the original TP and walked in and up the stairs via the new (and cheesy looking) entrance. I was SOOO shocked! What used to be a nice design with bars, lounge chairs, couches, cocktail tables, a piano bar, nice looking dance floor, etc. was nothing more an ugly dance floor with country-style line dance spots plopped into the middle of a shopping mall.

Seriously, all that's missing from this tacky mess are a line of ZYNGO machines, 10 more "Donate" and "Vote" boxes and a few more sploders. Why wear a formal or cocktail dress here? Just put on your platties, short-shorts and a bebe crop top, Juicy purse and scream "I'm a mall rat and proud of it!"

Yes it's hard to make money in Second Life and I get that things can't always stay the same. But going tacky commercial and trying to make up for it with hollow greeters begging you to dance is not going to work for this old gal.

December 9, 2014

Kasja from Inga Wind

Since I've been off from blogging for so long, I've been remiss with my fashion updates. Meantime, a few new outfits from Inga Wind showed up on my doorstep and I picked one to feature. It's called Kasja and it's all mesh goodness with very nice, subtle textures. You really get the feeling that you have a knit dress and sateen vest on. And of course, the outfit comes with shooooz! :-)

No idea how much it costs cuz I was maxed out on IMs and notices. But, if history is any indication, probably in the $200 - $300 range.

Here's the SLURL to Inga's store:

Inga Wind Clothing

Happy shopping!