February 17, 2010

The Nany State in Second Life

Yes Nany is spelled "Nany". I'm referring to Nany Kayo, a self-described real, authentic, full-blooded, card-carrying, certified, US government enrolled, Native American Indian. Actually Nany Kayo is a Second Life avatar and the person (or persons) behind the keyboard may or may not be a real Indian but she talks an authentic, if racist and xenophobic, game.

So why bother with a blog post about her? Simple. Through her numerous posts in the official Second Life forums, Ms. Kayo frequently raises the ugly specters of thought control, political correctness gone wild, and censorship over yours and my Second Life experiences.

So why should we worry? (After all, most people consider her a troll.) Because she and others like her appear to be at least partially successful for convincing Linden Lab that moving adult content to Zindra was the right way to take care of an external image problem for Second Life. And, if Nany really had her way 100%, adult content would have likely been banned altogether.

People do this under the guise of making Second Life friendly for education, learning and business. In fact, what they often do is make it so miserable for people engaged in activities they don't approve of that many just "give up" trying to fight this creeping vision of the "nanny state". They also provide easy cover for Linden Lab to punt on some of the more difficult decisions about Second Life.

Back to Ms. Kayo. Here are just a few of her "interesting" views (in her own words):

On who is a "real" NA:
Native Americans do have a very clearly defined means of determining who is or is not Native American, and all of us who are agree on how to tell what is and is not appropriate use of Native imagery.
On how pure Nany herself is via mitochondrial DNA (does this sound like Aryan purity?):
I am tested and verified and looking 100% per mtDNA. That's how it works. this is one of the credentials we ask each other for, so I have it ready. sorry if it offends you. sort of sorry. really, I could give a shit, but you know.
On thought control:
My suggestion is for Linden Lab to get someone onboard who can serve as a laison and provide guidance as to what is and is not appropriate use of Native American imagery in SL.
On race and Second Life:
The problem that has arisen in SL is that the fakes are preventing the real Indians from using this platform. I dont know if that is also happening to Germans or Japanese. I have heard it is happening to Gypsies.
On what she thinks about your role play:
It's our religions. What these people are doing is desecrating our religions. Kind of like trashing your cemetaries, spitting on your flags, crapping on your alter. It may be freedom of expression from your point of view. Maybe nothing is sacred to you, or the concept of sacredness is incomprehensible to you.
Comparing Second Life to porn:
As a result, Native Americans are not using Second Life. Our leaders and teachers are refusing to have anything to do with this. They take one look and leave.
How Nany thinks Second Life should be really be used:
What matters to me is putting this tool to use for the benefit of American Indian people. I will use any and all means I can to accomplish that.
On using pixels to depict Native American themes:
It is against federal law in the United States to sell anything as Indian made unless it was made by a person who is legally enrolled in a federally recognized tribe.


Some of these roleplay operations are breaking the law.
If you're like me, you probably think this is fairly fringe stuff. But true to her word, Ms. Kayo has now promised to try to take down a RP sim, Tombstone. In her opinion as the arbiter of Native American views, it's a violation of Linden Lab's TOS. Yikes!!
It turns out Tombstone's exploitation of Apache culture is extremely offensive to Apache tribal members. We are going to file a formal grievance with Linden Lab concerning Tombstone's violation of SL's Terms of Service and enlist the help of the tribal governments involved. It looks like Tombstone will turn into the initial test case that will set the standards on this issue.

It apparently comes as a surprise to a lot of people that there is more to Second Life than roleplay, but it's true. There is also education and commerce going on here. This particular kind of roleplay has negative real world impacts on Native Americans use of this platform for education and commerce.
Further discussion on Tombstone's violation of the Terms of Service and Community Standards will be conducted through formal channels.
Each of us should take our own PERSONAL experiences from Second Life and not impose them on others. If it's patently illegal, then it doesn't belong in SL. But just because one person has a moralistic and xenophobic view of their world, it doesn't mean they should be able to apply it to mine. Even more chilling is the idea that someone actually THINKS they represent the views of the greater universe.

Linden Lab, I sincerely hope you will reject the attempts of the Nany Kayos of the world to hijack my world, my imagination for their narrow-minded views.


  1. I've read and posted in the thread you are referring to, Snickers. I'd like to point out that all persons of Native American descent who also posted there have soundly denounced Nany.

  2. I want to thank Nany. If it were not for her I would not have had the idea to go visit Tombstone and see if I want to regularly RP there.

  3. Thanks for the post Snickers. One wonders if she's off to Hollywood next to protest against the studios for every crappy B western movie from circa 1920 to the present day, but hey, she lives in a country of tolerance and it's a shame it's not rubbing off on her. One wonders at her claims that leaders and teachers have snubbed SL whilst in RL they'll rollover and be tickled for a casino on ancient tribal land.

    As a Brit can I too condemn how SL residents abuse our culture. I distinctly saw somebody taking tea before 3.30pm the other day!

  4. According to the rules of the English language, anyone born on the North or South American continents is a Native American.

    I make it a point to always check that box if it is offered on a form.
    I bet this http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/horizon/2002/columbus.shtml burns her ass.

  5. The Cherokee in me is LOLing at the Apache in her.

  6. @Henry - Yes I saw a few like that but unless people are vigilant and keep the light of truth shined on the Nany's of the world, they can have a disproportionate impact on our own freedoms.

    @Sy - I agree. Casinos seem a whole lot more sacrilegious than the RP in SL could ever be.

    @Chris - That's fascinating!! Thanks for the link!

  7. TY Snickers. Nany is a pedantic boor. Me thinks she doth protest too much.

  8. I filed 2 complaints of harassment with LL against her for her threat against my tenants in her comment
    "hit list"

    Besides, the tribes name is keetowah here, its spelled differently

  9. She sits on her azz on some non profit DISCOUNTED sims and tries to dictate what everyone else who pays FULL price should do on the sims THEY pay for, outrageous!

  10. So far, one of the best responses to Nany Kay in the official SL blogs comes from Zanis Bardenboar. Click below:


  11. Nany also showed her stupidity during the adult fiasco in some of the threads which are archived in full on the slapt.me wiki here:


  12. I just got an email Snickers with my reply to your post re Nany and I have posted it below:


    You have received this email because the content you posted below has been rejected by our moderators:

    Subject: Re: The Nany State in Second Life

    > Snickers.Snook wrote:
    > Well our resident thread troll finally pushed me over the edge. I think her posts about being tested for mtDNA (a la Aryan purity) and running off to whine to Linden Lab about Tombstone got to me. I had to blog about it.
    > http://snickitty.blogspot.com/2010/02/nany-state-in-second-life.html
    > Feel free to comment there. There's been enough thread derailing here.

    Thanks and I have also posted the link to the archived forum threads from the adult fiasco where she went through all this before on your comments section

    Posted: 2/20/10 5:13 AM


  13. @Lord Sullivan - They REJECTED your post??? That's crazy -- it's totally innocuous. I told you via PM that for some reason, I think Ninny Krayzo has protected status from teh Lab.

  14. I replied to that email below and also IM'd Lexie directly explaining that if they didn't apply the rules fairly in matters of racism and hate speech I would take it further outside the Lab as this woman consistently does this and with the other complaints I know that were sent it looks like they removed the offensive posts. It certainly doesnt endear anyone to her cause thats for sure :)


    This woman Nany Kayo has been allowed to attack others throughout this thread here https://blogs.secondlife.com/thread/9255?start=0&tstart=0 and I am surprised she has been allowed to continue as she has a track record for this sort of racial abuse as archived here in these threads:


    I would like to think LL will do the right thing and remove these racially abusive and in some ways threatening posts of hers instead of letting them stay whilst removing a fair post showing people what her track record is.

    Lord (AKA Iain) Sullivan

  15. In response to my post about using copyrighted images taken off web site sources for objects in her (nany's) sim without obtaining permissions from the copyright holders, let the record SHOW;

    Nany.Kayo wrote:

    I would welcome your assistance in contacting the owners of any images we are using. Thanks.

    Thanks for ADMITTING right there that you ARE using copyrighted images taken from sources you did not obtain permissions to use, if you think Im going to help you in any way shape or form after your coming in here threatening to shut down native role play and role play sims, you have another thing coming!

    After your threats posted here- if anyone does any contacting of those owners it will be ME contacting them personally and urging them to file abuse reports and civil suits against YOU for copyrights violations, and I shall do that if anyone at LL or any tribe contacts me or my tenant in any way shape or form after your shenanegans here in this thread

    You wanted war you may have gotten yourself into a bigger bee's nest than you had planned on nanny :)

    New Mexico, Arizona Canyons, Western Prairie

  16. First I want to thank Snickers for creating this blog so keeping the original thread true to topic and to give others a place to have a say. And to thank all 'real'

    indians who replied on the original thread. Carded or uncarded, native or non native, Mitakuye Oyasin (we are all related).

    As co-owner of Sukelu, a sim and group recently attacked by Nany Kayo, I was handed the link to the original thread (https://blogs.secondlife.com/message/101218) by

    a member of our group.

    Sukelu is a Native American based SIM where native and non natives come together in a non-roleplay environment to share cultures. It has been long known that many

    non natives are turning to our culture as a way of life due to the purity, spiritual, loving, kind, and understanding people that we are supposed to be. And also,

    in part, my understanding of the meaning of The Red Road is just that, purity, spiritual, loving, kindness, and understanding. This time has also been told to us by

    our Elders and Ancestors.

    We hold weekly healing circles for those who are sick in RL, (please read my profile in world on our healings, and accusations thrown at us from these same people).

    Our healings came about due to the sheer amount of world wide RL spiritual healers from many faiths, and those needing healing, coming to our SIM and some joining

    as family members.

    We were attacked by several people associated with Virtual Native Lands as being fakes and wannabees including nany kayo and two other names mentioned.

    As a Non-member of Sukelu, Nany took it upon herself to reply to a Sukelu group notice. She took it upon herself to tribal police our SIM in her reply. A SIM that

    we pay for out of our own pockets, donations, store rents and tennancies. We do not drain valuable native RL resourses to pay our tier. Almost everything was

    condemned on our SIM, from what goes on there to how we decorated - within the limits of SL resourses and only one SIM to play with. We have had many carded and non

    carded indians come to us and cry with emotion at finding us and say the love the beautiful SIM we created. They feel they have come home. They have little or no

    knowledge of their tradtions due to tribal or family cut offs. We do all we can to help them contact other members of their tribe so they can share.

    Our Healing Circle was wrongfully slammed as 'Performing Lakotah Healing Ceremony' and we were demanded to stop!

    I will repeat, our healers come from world wide faiths.

    If there was a druid leading these circles they would be screaming that a Pagan was perfoming healings on a Native SIM instead.

    Nany Kayo told us that we had NO 'real' indians in our members. Yet of our 300 plus members a third are indeed native of the blood quantum required to be indian.

    She insulted all our fully enroled members with that too. She also openly admited to personally checking every one of our members who claimed to be native in RL.

    Which, as I understand, is a violation of privacy and imposible to do with pseudo nicknames that many residents of SL use. I also would love to know LL view on Nany

    Kayo's illegally putting 'our crew' onto ckecking the truth of one posters claim to be a 'real' indian on the original thread. Another violation of LL TOU?

  17. Part 2
    Nany Kayo also goes totally against Native Teachings of Love, Life and Mother Earth. I can only believe the reason why most natives leave SL as soon as they see it

    is due to her bad attitude and open chat slandering of SIMs she deams not legal to her visitors. After all, where did she get her information on natives leaving SL

    as soon as they see it? Also tells me heeps about what must be thought of her SIM by these same natives.

    MY SL Wife is Dutch and never claimed to be anything other. My wife was accused of claiming to be Cherokee because she had a graphic of a fictisious SL Cherokee

    Band's flag in her profile from before Sukelu existed. I am a fully enroled tribal member who lives in England, see also my profile on that.

    Many non natives come to us with a lot of hollywood misconceptions, we teach them in a kind way what is correct. Not one has left us in anger due to our words but

    oppologised and felt so embarrased that I swear I can feel the heat coming from their blushing faces through the moniter. We have also been contacted by RP SIM

    owners who want to know if anything they are doing is disrespectful in any way. We have given them new ideas and said where things should be changed and they have.

    We have been informed by all that their game play has improved due to this.

    We teach with love, understanding and guidance, it works, come see for yourself the beautiful side to Native Americans. Just type in Sukelu to find us in world.

    Yes our SIM may not be decorated to what is perceived as 'real' native american way of life as it was and should be. Sorry, but this is OUR fantasy world and OUR

    damn given right to decorate Sukelu as we see fit to make it a beautiful place of eyecandy, not some clinically correct musium SIM with sparce decoration and no

    feel of community. Any disrespect of our ways is dealt with ASAP but some will always slip through as the two of us cannot be on Sukelu 24/7, 365 days of the year.

    We cannot be held accountable for what others do, say or wear on our SIM, but we can certainly be responsible enough to deal with these issues, when they become

    known to us, in a mature Non agressive manner.

    Mitakuye Oyasin, may I remind Nany Kayo of the 4 colors of our medicine wheel, yellow, red, black and white.. all 4 colors of man. She talks of doing discusting

    things to the cross and the bible, but I think she has done exactly that to our Sacred Medicine Wheel with that dont you?

    Needless to say, Nany Kayo and her accociates are now on our Ban list.

    This 'real' indian turns his back on Nany Kayo and all Nany Kayo wannabees and will travel further along my own Sacred Path and pray they see the truth of theirs.

    Remember Nany Kayo reciting this part of LL TOU?

    "....[a]ctions that marginalize, belittle, or defame individuals or groups [and] inhibit the satisfying exchange of ideas and diminish the Second Life community as

    whole...use of derogatory or demeaning language or images in reference to another Resident's race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual orientation..."

    She did just that by placing an entry in her profile pics telling people not to come to our SIM. That we were all Europian fake wannabies selling native

    spirituality for a fee. Not to buy from our fake indian stores selling fake indian items. I filled an AR against Nany Kayo for that and the entry was removed.

    I also find it weird as heck to be accused of holding fake pow wows on Sukelu to be told that Nany has arranged a virtual pow wow on her SIM!

    Nany Kayo's recent attempt to shut us down backfired and made our membership stronger than ever in our feeling of family and unity. I could go on but I dont think

    it's for here...

    Love & Light people.
    Redtail Magic

  18. Wow Redtail! That's quite a story. Best of luck to you and Sukelu. I think Nany is exactly the sort of person who, unfortunately in our society, often has more influence than they should. Cultural preservation is one thing. Cultural jingoism and racism are entirely different and have no place in the modern world. Yet, they still exist. Sigh. Good luck. :)

  19. As our sim pest is getting grant moneys from this place to fund her activities, I am urging all merchants and sim owners who have native type role play to contact this foundation with a complaint about her activities attempting to shut down RP sims and merchants, include copies of her SL forums posts, logs etc;

    The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
    Office of Grants Management
    140 S. Dearborn Street
    Chicago, IL 60603-5285
    Phone: (312) 726-8000
    E-mail: 4answers@macfound.org

  20. The Macarthur foundation is very sensitive to negative press, I suggest that Nanny's activities and posts, logs passed to me by others and so forth if turned over to this foundation will start the ball rolling to either get her out of the picture or yank further funding of this hostile takeover of native related sims and content in Second life.
    SO everyone whi is any way affected by her,start flooding that office with your emails, faxes and calls, provide copies of shortened logs where she either attacks what you do, makes veiled threats, or makes false claims about laws. Provide copies and urls to her posts in SL's forums showing what she is doing.
    I will be more than happy to spear head this by providing the contacts and I will be sending this material to them within the next day with a formal complaint as well.

    Nanny wants to flood LL with complaints against sims and stores? we can do the same and hit her in her most vulnerable spot- her FUNDING AND GRANTS, and hopefully shut her down or at least shut her UP!

  21. http://www.mixedrealities.com/?p=326

    Is an article on Nany and her grants, I made a post there today as follows;

    "Maybe you should call this "MY encounter with someone attempting to subvert free speech and freedom of expression" check out the facts about Nany kayo and what she is DOING in SL to destroy OTHER people's sims, native role play, merchants and stores, a number of us were exchanging dialogue with this umm "woman" and she has threatened sim owners by stating in SL's forums that we are on her personal "HIT LIST" (post was removed by moderators after my complaint)
    A number of us will be filing complaints against her with the foundation(s) that are providing grant money for her to have 5 mostly vacant scenery sims at half price to attack legitimate legal sim owners and others who enjoy role play in second life, or whom produce and sell native styled items they sell legally.
    This woman made false claims about laws, has sent false information to others making claims in an effort to get them to remove things from their stores, or their entire store.

    Anyone getting involved with this "project" or her now is going to be seen as being against legal and legitimate role play sims and against free expression of legal activities on a virtual world we pay good money for every month, in my case $515 USD

    You can bet her activities against sim owners and others in SL will backfire on her and those who provide monitary support or grants for her to do this.

  22. Aho! to that Jigs.. email sent to the above foundation, thank you for the information.

    And thank you Snickers for the well wishes. Yes it's quite a story and one I hoped to see the end of till recently learning of Jig's issues and what's been said on the previouse blog.

  23. A real name to go with the fake nany one;

    "Nancy McDonald

    UBI Number 602860498
    Category REG
    Profit/Nonprofit Nonprofit
    Active/Inactive Active
    State Of Incorporation WA
    Date of Incorporation 08/31/2008
    Expiration Date 08/31/2010
    Dissolution Date
    Registered Agent Information
    Agent Name NANCY MILLER
    Address 1317 HERITIAGE HILLS CT

    State WA
    ZIP 982266824

    Project Name: Native Lands Cultural Outreach Project (Click to read original proposal and budget)



    --------TOTAL MONTH #3 EXPENDITURES= 143,500



    Let us all fill these people in on where this grant money is going and how it is being used!

  26. This is what I sent, and will be sending out to every grant giver and related group;


    To introduce myself, I am the owner of 3 virtual role play sims in Second Life, these sims are used by people who enjoy role play activities in the Wild West, this includes role playing as cowboys, ranchers, outlaws, animals as well as natives living in villages.

    Recently I became aware of an individual posting to Second Life public forums a number of disturbing notices in which she made the declaration that she was on a crusade to shut down privately owned and LEGALLY operated sims that she personally didn't "approve" of because she objected to people role playing as natives on sims they pay money for.

    I should mention at this time, that my 3 sims cost $515 USD a month, and are operated under legal criteria and Linden Lab's posted rules, therefore, I feel I and the other sim owners she targeted have the RIGHT to enjoy our virtual environments free of a loose canon making threats to contact tribal governments and urge them to flood Linden Labs with complaints, bad mouthing our role play, people and sims in public postings, and then making a THREAT in one post which was removed for violation of TOS that stated the Cherokee tribe paying rent on my sim was on her "HIT LIST, " as are several other sims such as "Tombstone" which she also made public intimidation threats against.

    With a little research work, I was able to track down this individual using the Second Life name of "Nany Kayo" to a real name and registered non profit;

    UBI Number 602860498
    State Of Incorporation WA
    Date of Incorporation 08/31/2008

    Registered Agent Information
    Address (omitted in this post)
    State WA

    You may know her in your files as;

    Director of the Virtual Native Lands project.
    virtualnativelands (dot) org

    As I investigated this individual making threats to shut down 3 sims that I have considerable amount of money tied up in and months of work, tenanted by people who have both time, and money as well as emotional attachments to, I was sent logs, urls and other materials by multiple sources showing a long term repeated pattern of abusive tactics towards other paying members and sim owners, some of this included makign false claims to merchants that products they were selling were "illegal" and must be removed, she cited a 1935 law which clearly only covers fraudulent advertising of real goods being made by enrolled natives which are not made by real natives at all.
    This law does not cover virtual game items selling for in most cases about a dollar or less which can only exist in a virtual world, nor items which are NOT advertised as made by enrolled natives.

    In addition, another individual has found texture images on these sims run by "Nany Kayo" (Nancy McDonald Miller) which were taken off web sites and used without copyright permissions. I set a trap for Ms Miller in a public forum and
    she fell into it not once but TWICE and publically admitted that YES, she had used photos from the web without first obtaining permissions from copyright holders to use them.

    In another posting she indicated that only TWO natives have registered on her sim in the last 30 days, this indicates to me that this so called "virtual native lands" consisting of FIVE expensive sims, 4 of which are nothing more than bare landscaping are of little serious, long term interest, or value to anyone other than Ms Miller who is using them as a platform to control content in a virtual game other people have the RIGHT to conduct lawfull activities in and enjoy for the money they are spending there.

    To save some time, I will state that I have copies of every post, logs and images of them to back up all of the above, I just won't wont send a bunch of attached files with this, but they ARE available on request.


  27. (cont)

    " If it is just a game, the players shouldn't miss it much when it is shut down."

    (forget that we pay money to be here!)

    "our clans mean quite a bit to us. It's our religion. That's why we want yall to fuk off our ancestry. OK?"

    "Nany.Kayo wrote:
    ... You crossed the line to outright defamation of religion with the Keetoowah stuff."

    "We are enlisting the support of real world tribal governments in this. Preparing the complaint will take a little time. When it is prepared, you can debate with the tribes themselves whether your freedom of expression gives you the right to rob their graves and sell the stolen contents."

    "It turns out Tombstone's exploitation of Apache culture is extremely offensive to Apache tribal members. We are going to file a formal grievance with Linden Lab concerning Tombstone's violation of SL's Terms of Service and enlist the help of the tribal governments involved. It looks like Tombstone will turn into the initial test case that will set the standards on this issue.
    Further discussion on Tombstone's violation of the Terms of Service and Community Standards will be conducted through formal channels."

    log attempting to strongarm a merchant on my sim;
    [14:23] Nany Kayo: I am the director of a Native American nonprofit in SL
    [13:48] Nany Kayo: are you an enrolled Indian?
    [13:48] Nany Kayo: sorry, I am busy too. I was just explaining to someone why your business is a problem.
    [13:49] Nany Kayo: so I thought I would ask. I may file a complaint with Linden Labs.
    [13:49] Nany Kayo: if you are not an Indian it is a problem.

    [14:29] Nany Kayo: you should take down the things on your property that are offensive to Native Americans in that case
    [14:29] Nany Kayo: the junkpile mix of cultures and misrepresentation of Native spirituality.
    [14:30] Nany Kayo: you should not encourage people to pretend to be Native.

    [14:32] Nany Kayo: There are almost no real Indians in SL right now. Only about 6

    It has become clear that as the Virtual native lands has been failing and failing to produce results expected for the almost $500 a month the sims cost, Ms Miller is now attempting to shut down ALL other sims, merchants, stores etc who are not enrolled 100% natives, so as to eliminate her competition, I and a growing number of others here find her behaviour and actions outrageous to say the least!
    I am publishing this information as well as who is giving this project money with which Ms Miller is attacking our players and sims with.

    I have attached one image of "Nany's" posts where she made a threat against my sim and tenant with her "hit list", this post has been removed by the staff for violating terms of service, if Ms Miller continues in this path she has been, Linden Labs will SHUT DOWN her account when enough of us send complaints, this will absoluetly put her "virtual native lands" in serious jeopardy and can and will affect anyone connected financially to it.

    I would appreciate a response on this matter.

  28. Interestingly, I think her efforts have, if anything, *increased* interest in the various sims in SL she has opposed. For example, I have been going to Sukelu all week and loving it. Meanwhile other ppl are now going to tombstone. She needs to quit while she is ahead.

  29. [15:32] Nany Kayo: I have a website from last year with pictures.
    [15:32] Olando7 Decosta: what is the url
    [15:33] Nany Kayo: http://www.xxxxxxxxxx.com/

    From the URL here: http://www.mixedrealities.com/?p=326

    The link leads to a really disgusting web site. I have XXXX'd it out here as it does not deserve a back link. Please do not follow the link if there are minors present or you are of a nervous disposition and its definately NSFW PLEASE BE WARNED!!!!!

  30. Hehe, Nany must have pissed someone else off and they hacked her domain and web site LOL!! They turned it into a porn site, TOO funny!

    In researching the MacArthur foundation's grants, their grant levels start at $8,000 so we should assume this idiot woman wrangled AT LEAST $8,000 USD out of this charitable foundation with some fancy figures and application.
    The original proposed budget is on the web.
    According to the foundation's report,, last year they received 7,130 applications and approved and granted just 601 of them, which means over 6,500 WORTHY causes were turned down but a freeking request for funding a virtual GAME that duplicates the resources and materials one can easily find all over the web gets funded.
    I for one find that an outrageous waste of donations and tax credits given those involved.

    We have noticed that nany suddenly seemed to shut up and has been very quiet since her "hit list" post and others were removed for TOS violation.
    Maybe they suspended her acct, I only saw 2 green dots or none on her 5 sims yesterday the several times I checked.
    No doubt now that several of us traced her to a real name and registered "non profit" and have been flooding the MacArthur foundation and others with complaints, we should see some results before too long.
    I think she realizes now she poked the stick in the WRONG hornet's nest with her bullshit, and if she doesn't cease- her sims will come crashing down around her with the drying up of funds to keep them running.

  31. Re; Virtual Native Lands, Nany Kayo

    On the topic in the thread of our pesky nany attempting to shut down sims and all native role play and merchants not conducted by enrolled real life natives
    Several of us have researched her and connected the dots to a name, and a registered Washington state non profit, with this, complaints have been sent and are being sent to the various grant givers who are funding this woman's activities with which she is threatening people with
    Snickers posted a blog url in the thread here which was http://snickitty.blogspot.com/ and there is the information with which to contact the first of several foundations who provide GRANT money for this silliness
    as Nancy stated in a previous post, only TWO natives signed up for the group in the last 30 days, so all this grant funding - about $500/mo is totally wasted on a virtual play station when theres so much FREE resources all over the web for native, tribe and other information
    $500 a month wasted by the MacArthur foundation and other tax payer funded non profit charities could feed several real native families, $500 a month is 1 or 2 mortgage payments for a native family without a house, $500 a month could provide electric and running water

    so, if you are angry about a net bully attempting to shut down all legal native style role play, stores and so forth to eliminate competition to increase her traffic and sales numbers at the expense of everyone else here, please do go to snicker's blog, get the information that will be posted there as to whom to contact with your comments, and file it off to each of them, lets get this problem dealt with before the grant givers renew any further grant monies which are being wasted on a toy, but also being used as a subversive platform to attack completely LEGAL free expression on sims we all pay full price and good money for every month

  32. I think Nany should just give up and quitely crawl away. Yes i have to agree some Native sims do not represent the nations in good taste much like some of the native american porn i have been told about. But they are on ADULT sims and do not represnt themselves as ROLE PLAYING SIMS. Sence coming to the Keytowah Cherokee Tribe i have met many that admit to not being of full blood or even blood. But they beleive in the ways and all ive met are eager to learn. The nations for hundreds of years have complained and fought that the whites did not understand nor respect our ways. Now we have the chance to teach them and people like Nany are fighting it at every turn. We demand respect but we must also earn it by teaching those that do not know what we as a Nation are all about. I have talked to a few on councel as well and have invited them to SL. They have come and are still around the NATIVE ROLE PLAYING sims. They have all commented that the ones that they have seen are wonderful. They understand that most are run by uncarded or non -blood but the fact they are trying to teach others as well as learn about the nations is wonderful. They also stated that no one is twisting anyones arms to join in the role playing. They stated that this person Nany should not be receiveing any type of private funding for what they deem to be a game.They believe that she herself should be investigated and made accountable for the monies she recieved. On a personal note no nany im not a card carrier not all are. You make it sound so easy to obtain one. It isnt. You must account for many generations of blood. In some cases not only supply the white mans name given but also the clan, native title, band, ect.. Also u have the denial of family. You can trace your family back to a certain generation and it stops. As you know nany if you have done your homework. There were many years that the tribes were left or sold to the white man and the children were raised as whites. They were never taught of there blood.So when asked they denied it. Many woman both nation and white were raped. The woman would deny that part of the child.It makes it hard to do any kind of trace.Then you have many in my case that after months of pain stakeing questioning to get the information needed to get your card only to have a family memeber still in denial destory it and when you go to try again find that not only all the notes and records you work so hard aquire have disappered but your number some how disappears from the role.So nany stop spending my hard earned tax dollars on a game. Leave it to pay for education, food, houseing, medical,elder care for those that need and deserve. Those that i talk with that are still of full blood state we as a nation should not turn our backs on those of any color that wish to learn. They are not going to what to run out and enter the roll but if taught by just one person through research and questioning those that know the stories they will help keep us as a nation alive. I beleive Nany should visit some of the rezz. Not just of her own supposed nation but all the nations. See what her waste of funds could have been used for. Oh and as for the casinos. I cant talk down about them here were i live. They donate alot of the money they bring in for schools.

    In closing sl is a game yes. But there are real people behind each avi. some are here for education some are here for reasons of their own. But each has the right to do so. As i stated before NO ONE IS TWISTING ANYONES ARM TO BE HERE.NOR BELIEVE WHAT THEY SEE. IT IS UP TO US THAT SEE THEY HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE WRONG INFORMATION TO TAKE THEM TO US AND TEACH THEM THE RIGHT WAY.

  33. Thank you for this blog. Was just made aware of your post by Doggie.

    I was in the thread that this person went wild in, as her initial target. Some of the quotes you make are her responses to me in fact.

    I tried to point out to her that history is not so clean, and a lot of Native people are not in "recognized" tribes. Some whole tribes here in California are not recognized due to the messy tangle that resulted with the war with Mexico. Likewise many Mohawk and Apache, on opposite ends of the north and south, have fallen outside the US system for falling outside of US borders. But you don't become any less Native American by not being a US citizen. Additional complications arise with Alaskan natives and their Canadian cousins living a few towns away...

    At the time I marked her hostility to youthful 'ethnic awareness' - that college age fever we all get where we 'rage against the man' and dig up every past ancestral slight, right or wrong, and take it personal and declare that the war is on again.

    I can understand that. It is still racism, but it is a stage many people go through. Most of us grow out of it. That her race-based attacks against her own distant cousins are motivated by money makes it very ugly though. It reminds me of cases I have seen in native law where people get de-listed from tribes that have gambling, resulting in remaining members getting a larger slice. That's a hot topic in native law right now - because sovereignty protects the right of a people to destroy themselves... And the only way to stop it is to remove their sovereignty... and even though many native victims ask for the US to step in, others, even victims, realize how bad of a precedent that would be.

    - And I pointed that issue out to her as well, as a reason why a growing number of natives today are suddenly without a tribe.

    Bringing money into claims of ethnic purity is a double-edged dose of evil.

  34. I just pasted the above from my comment on an almost identical blog elsewhere.

    As for me, I'm half native or a quarter depending on your 'measuring stick'. See... I'm a 1/4th Peruvian Amazon. Not the Xena type (thank goodness), but the real ones. Those funny short brown people living all over the rainforest mountains of Peru - dey's mah couz's.

    I'm also Cherokee and Crow.

    I don't have tribal recognition on any of these. I have an ancestor that walked the trail of tears, but I'm not a registered Cherokee. I could probably become one, if we could find paperwork for a family that fled into the Appalachians, then took off for California during the dustbowl, and pretended they were just funny looking white folks for a few generations to avoid a lynch mob.

    That's not an uncommon story.

    I could never RP in a place like Tombstone, because that 'youthful rage' I mentioned in my last comment... I've barely past it, and I don't want it coming back.

    See... I -AM- politically correct. I am PC in that I believe its in everyone's best interests to figure out how to get along. I'm what PC was intended to be when I heard of the term in the 80s, not what 90s conservatives re-branded it as. I believe we should respectfully share in our cultural diversity, not hold any of it a something for 'racial purity / exclusionary' politics.

    But that inner rage is still burning in me. Its like the Hulk... and I don't like myself when it gets out.

    A sim like Tombstone, and in fact any sim in the west, is too raw for me if done right, and too condescending if done wrong. The rawness would bring my inner-hulk out.


    I am absolutely opposed to the idea of places like that being forced down. ESPECIALLY if the argument used to force them down is based on a claim of racial exclusivity. That's just a racial purity argument no matter what race the person making it is. Its wrong when a White Skinhead makes an argument like that, and its wrong when a Black Power rebel makes it, and its wrong when an 'authentic' Native American makes it. Its just plain wrong.

    Racial Purity went that way --------------> back where the 1950s ended.

  35. Hmm... this lady, Nany, is full of shit.

    You don't have to be registered in a non-profit to claim Amerindian status.

    Many of US don't like to use the term Native American, and we prefer stuff like American Indian or Amerindian.

    And she obviously has no clue about the Certificate Degree of Indian Blood Card and how it affects the Cherokee (CIB/CDIB Card)

    The only official people you touch on that is the Bureau of Indian Affairs


    After seeing her posts, she's not doing a damn thing to promote or support any of proper Native/Amerindian beliefs.

    I want nothing to do with her non-profit or her words.

    Certified Card Carrying Member of the Cherokee Nation (1/4)

  36. Email rec'd fromt he MacArthur foundation and my reply;

    "Dear Sir: Thank you for your email regarding the problems you are having in Second Life arising from interactions with by Nany Kayo AKA Nancy Miller of the Native Lands Cultural Outreach Project. MacArthur Foundation does not support Nancy Miller or the Native Lands Cultural Outreach Project and we are not in a position to control her actions or statements in Second Life or in the real world. I understand that Second Life does have a process for addressing your concerns and suggest you raise the issue with Second Life through the processes they make available.

    Very truly yours,"
    Thank you for the reply, however, Nancy Miller AKA Nany Kayo has posted publicly that she obtained a GRANT from your foundation. As your web site indicates the minimun grant given is $8,000 I have to assume your foundation wasted at least that much on a grant for her so called "virtual native lands" in Second Life.

    With the money, she purchased 5 expensive sims and pays around $500 a month for them, 4 of them are nothing but bare land/scenic, the main sim is nothing more than the same but with information giver objects that offer the visitors nothign more than one can find in a simple Google web search. The whole thing is a scam from the start and unfortunately she managed to finangle at least $8,000 from your foundation so she could play native indians and cowboys in Second Life's game for free.

    I know your foundation cannot do anything about her actions or words, nor can Second Life, my purpose in writing was to inform your foundation of the serious misuse and total waste of those grant funds. Hopefully the foundation will not renew or make the mistake of any further funding of this virtually unused virtual toy of Ms Miller's, $8,000 is better spent on something that accomplishes more, such as feeding real natives on reservations perhaps.

  37. Wow, I just happened upon this blog after doing some research into of this Nany person and her project. I don't want to go into details but I was on her sims today and I didn't feel they were done badly at all but I was curious as to who was behind them and that led me to this blog. From the posts here, Nany seems to be a handful and has made some enemies -no doubt!

    There were no people on her sims and it did feel like a bit of a museum and a ghost town. So, I was wondering if she's feeling any backlash from all her anti-social attacks and what not.

    Does anyone have an update of the status of Nany, her sims and her quest to shut down RP sims or "non-indians?"

  38. Nany is still as prickly as ever in the forums. Either she is clueless about how much she alienates people, doesn't care or she does it deliberately for the attention. Regardless, she's a sad, small-minded person.

  39. Hahaha! Came across this as I was curious about this whole VIL thing. A result of this SL GD Forum thread where Nany comes off as a less than stellar example of an 'educator': http://blogs.secondlife.com/message/552997

  40. Hi Snickers,
    Just thought I would mention I moved my 2 sims to inworldZ and started a native indian library on a platform on one.
    The have the same terrain and layout as they did in SL, but instead of spending $295 a mo for a sim these run $75 a mo.

    Haven't checked up on the nany thing lately, I should look and see if the idiot is even still there on the map!

  41. I've been to virtual Native lands, in fact I'm in it right now. In what way is this sim supposed to teach me about anything remotely Native American?
    I see a bunch of trees, a whale jumping around in the water um, some more trees. Oh there we go I just saw a couple of mountain goats...0.o
    Maybe if I click one on ~ it will give me a story about shape shifting or something ~ Nope, no story.
    In fact, this is THE MOST static, uninteresting, ill thought out and seemingly void of any educationally relevant data- based so called "Teaching" sim, I have ever experienced. Keywords in description reads "Real Native Americans" Tags: Native American Indian Education Culture History Nature Park Cherokee Language.
    What's the Cherokee word for FAIL? o.0 *squints eyes

    "Role Play" is just that___ it's um, ROLE PLAY ;) It says it right there in the title ;)
    It does not purport itself to be a tool for education... It doesn't PRETEND to be the "Real" anything...unlike the empty so called “Teaching” sim I just teleported off of. Um…
    ~pissed off
    (You do people of mixed heritage a great disservice with your pure race rhetoric little Miss Thang!)
    But moreover I think if it is you're mission to be the educational voice of the 500 Nations people in this country, then your real detriment is to the Indigenous people themselves, who are DESPERATELY in need of a waaaaaaay more intelligent and competent voice than yours!
    If you're going to tell anyone that they have to verify or quantify with you and your alleged cabala of government approved, card carrying "purebreads", (is that the same government that you don't trust with anything else written down on paper? )...eh hem... that they have to flash a BS card attesting to some acceptable quantum of blood in order to qualify as representatives, than A. you better be able to prove your own credentials, and B. you should at least put a wee bit more creative effort into accurately depicting at least ONE of those Nations you and your quantifying faction find yourself so undisputedly qualified to do.
    Seriously, if this sim is your rendition of the Cherokee Nation, you could have at least put a note card giver near the whale or something, so that people might have a hint of a chance in knowing the Cherokee story of Dakwa ;)
    That would be an example of teaching your culture, That would be you successfully "Sharing" an education about your heritage, and it would be a proper and responsible management of grant money to keep the "rest of us" properly informed as a TRUE, 100% pure card carrying representative of that Nation. That would be a perfect way, an artistic and eloquent example, of combating any false information that maybe maliciously or erroneously administered by any faction of "Role Playing" community.
    I can trace my ancestry from Saintonage France, to Quebec, to the Pawtuxet right on into the pages of the King Philip War, and I don’t need you the government or Kevin freeking Costner to tell me what the F_ck happened or whether or not I have enough blood running through my veins to qualify me as sad, guilty or in need of an education from YOU..kk? ;)

    Although seeing how you and you alone have taken it upon your shoulders to EDUCATE the rest of us poor misguided idjots, rummaging around in a virtual world looking for what they can’t freely find on the internet…*rolls eyes* And seeing how you did manage to find someone stupid enough to appropriate funds in order to combat the rest of the world from thinking that Native Americans maybe had elf ears at one point, or have adopted some sort of a Gorean philosophy and sometimes shape shift into Lycans…

    I can’t wait for your sim on the Mashantucket Pequot! Now There’s a sim that may actually raise funds;) or generate traffic huh?


All thoughts are welcome.