February 9, 2010

Death of the Second Life Forums

At about 12:05, Linden Lab pulled the plug on the official Second Life Forums marking the end of an era. I was proud to have been an active part of them and also proud to be a member of "The Forum Cartel", an inworld group of people who frequented the external forums. This is what you see now if you go to the forum URL.

It's sad that Linden Lab chose to replace a platform (vBulletin) that, while flawed, is vastly superior for many-to-many communications to the Jive Clearspace "blogrums" they are using now.

The last two days of posting have been marked by threads that have been fun, nostalgic, sad, whimsical, outrageous and thoughtful -- sometimes all at the same time. I'll miss you forums.

I made some freebie t-shirts to remember the occasion. You can snag them for free here.

/me sniffs and cries a little.

UPDATE: New flogrums are now up: Second Life Forums

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