September 27, 2013

Second Life top creators leaving over Linden Lab new TOS

I wouldn't call it a mass exodus but longtime and well-known creators, Tuna Oddfellow and Shava Suntzu, have packed up their toys and moved out of SL over Linden Lab's new, highly draconian Terms of Service.

Read more on Wagner Au's blog:

And on Shava's blog:

This has the potential to be a real s***storm for the now, utterly tone-deaf Linden Lab.

September 2, 2013

New Kickstarter Project - Photos of Brooklyn by David Dyte

The Second Life Ddyte
One of my bestest friends ever from Second Life, David Dyte (aka Ddyte Darkstone or Ddyte Resident in Second Life), has a real life Kickstarter project going! First some background....

David is a transplanted Australian, mathematician, baseball nut and foodie who's made his permanent home in Brooklyn, NY. Ever since I've known him (for what years now??), it seems he's always taking pictures both in SL and in RL. I've seen his work evolve from really cool shots of buildings, odd signage (neons & displays) and baseball-themes to include more candids and gritty, interesting street scenes. And, his skills at composition, color and mood have become insanely good!

I once commented to him in an email that he was getting good enough to turn pro (or words to that effect). Well, turns out that, in a sense, he has!

 The project is called "As Seen In Brooklyn: One Photo Book, 56 Neighborhoods" and it's a photo essay that tries to capture something interesting about each of the 56 "neighborhoods" in Brooklyn. In David's own words,

The "real" David Dyte! So cute!
"I set out to document my adopted borough by walking through each and every neighborhood with my cameras, photographing everything that caught my eye. There are familiar sights: trendy restaurants in Cobble Hill, Cyclones baseball on summer evenings in Coney Island, tattoos and live music in Williamsburg, shipping containers lining the waterfront in Red Hook. There are also thousands of hidden vistas, like a sleeping angel perched on a gravestone in Canarsie and shimmering, century-old glass half buried on Bottle Beach."
The reason for the Kickstarter is to fund the printing costs for the book. While $60 is the minimum for a hard copy, you can donate as little $15 to get an eBook version or any amount you like just for appreciation's sake.So far, it's a rousing success! With 24 days to go, David has raised $1700 more than his $3000 goal for basic funding! WTG!!! (Maybe with the backing of my all powerful Snickers Doodles blog, he can reach $1,000,000. J/K.)

Anyway, here's the linkie:

David Dyte - As Seen in Brooklyn: One Photo Book, 56 Neighborhoods

 I'm sure you'll like his work! So send money! :)