August 17, 2012

*Snickers* store has moved!

It had to happen eventually since Second Life is, if nothing else, constantly changing. Due to real life issues, my friend, Honeybear Lilliehook, sold her SIM where I had my inworld store. I wish her all the best -- she was the best landlord one could ever hope for.

So my shop has relocated to a skybox in the Silver Serpent sim:

There are two lucky letter boards now where you can snag some items for free.

It's not quite the same as being in a shopping SIM but since 95% of my sales now come from the SL Marketplace, I really only use the store as a place to send people when they ask.

And here's the link to *Snickers* on SLM:

Stop by and say hi. There's a board inside that let's you know if I'm online.

A flurry of new mesh releases from Inga Wind

Anika in Purple - $300L ($150L group)
I think the woman has lost her mind! :) I can't keep up with all the new outfits Inga Wind keeps releasing! Since I'm pretty busy in real life right now (OMG), I'll just post her own pics of them. Trust me -- they look pretty much the same in the photos as they do when worn. Inga's stylings are very upscale European chic so you'll see skirts over capris, asymetrical off-the-shoulder looks and REAL dresses. What you won't find is grunge or slut wear. ;)

Since they're all mesh-based, you may have to tweak your shape to fit. For example, Traci needs a totally flat tummy with no "love handles."

All outfits come complete as shown with shoes, multiple mesh sizes (usually XS, S, M, L, XL) and alphas (generally top, top & bottom, bottom, shoes). Click on the photos to see them full size.
Sue in Olive - $200L ($100L group)

Gwyneth in Red - $250L ($125L group) - Also available in
khaki and blue.

Robin in Yellow - $250L ($125L group)

Traci in Blue - $250L ($125L group)
And here's the SLURL to Inga's store:

Remember to join her group and wear the tag when buying her outfits since most of them are 1/2 off that way on introduction!

August 16, 2012

Second Life Password Reset Epic Fail

As you may have noticed, I've been tilting at the "Bring back last names" issue in Second Life for awhile now. Here's the JIRA feature request in case you feel like perusing the some 200+ comments....

So anyway, recently, someone forgot their password. Well guess what? You need to know the FIRST names of 3 friends AND you have to answer them in order! But what if those friends are all named "Resident"?? Well this is what you get...
  1. Can't remember password
  2. Go To SL website to request
  3. Confirmation of hint:  Check
  4. Next question: "Three last names of your friends are listed below, what first names belong to them?"
        Answer A: ___________ Resident
        Answer B: ___________ Resident
        Answer C: ___________ Resident 
I mean seriously, this is just laughable but totally unfunny at the same time. I guess the rule is, guard that password with your First life. You may not get a Second bite at the apple. I mean seriously Linden Lab. WTF?

And yes, the problem with this has been made into a JIRA too.

August 2, 2012

Grendel's Children griefing update

UPDATE - Grendel's Children got there sim rollbacked! \o/ Also, news is a number of others got hit too.

NOTE - Some comments over at the SLU forums have variously speculated that this is something being triggered by rezzing an object that overflows the SIM owners own objects causing them to be returned.

That should not happen since OWNER objects are the last to be returned. ANYONE objects should be returned first, then GROUP then OWNER.

Others have speculated that this is being caused by someone rezzing an object outside on a next door sim then pushing it onto the sim being griefed. Since my friend's sim who got griefed is not mainlaind, is set to "no build" and there is no next door sim, this should not be possible either.

I think Desmond Chang (as he posted in SLU) is right. This is far more serious.

Grendel's Children hit by auto-return exploit!

In case anyone wondered if the auto-return exploit was just an isolated incident, Toady Nakamura just sent me an IM that Grendel's Children had been hit by the same thing I reported here. They are trying to get the SIM restored via concierge support.

We'll keep you posted. This is getting very serious folks.