June 1, 2013

Salsa sweetness from Inga Wind

Just a quick post about a new, awesomesauce outfit from the prolific Ms. Inga. I'm calling it a salsa dress but it's a bit more versatile than that. Inga's package photo is about as accurate as anything I would do myself. So trust me, it looks the same worn as it does here. Shoes, as usual, are darling and include a HUD for tinting the skin to match yours.

As with all meshies, you will probably have to adjust your shape a bit to match yours. In my case, boobie size went up to fill out the M size.

Dalia is available in 5 colorways -- Dark Taupe, Black, Red, Silver, Gold, Total price is only $250L.

REMINDER - Group members of Wind get 1/2 off on new releases for 2 days after the announcement. But, you can't just join and buy since new membership is closed for those 2 days. It's REALLY worth it to sign up so you can get the next new outfit for 1/2 price!

Here's the SLURL to Wind: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Pitreavie/168/186/408