June 21, 2018

Dollarbie - Black Swan "Sweet Sin" Mesh Negligee

OK this $1L SL Marketplace negligee / teddy is just amazing. It's perfectly textured, no glitches and looks super cute! Yay, it's not see-through! Seems like 90% of the lingerie in SL shows your kitty or nips and it gets old. And look at those bows? Just made for untying!

Anyway, this gorgeous little piece of meshy goodness comes in Belleza Isis /  Freya, Maitreya Lara and Slink Physique / Hourglass sizes. Sorry you non-mesh body girls, no standard avatar sizes.

Link to Marketplace below:

Black Swan "Sweet Sin"

Yeliz "Nanika" $50L mesh cocktail dress with HUD

Yeliz Nanika Sideopen Dress
Here's another bargain find on Second Life Marketplace. A $50L HUD-driven cocktail dress with a crazy number of textures and colors.

Again, this looks like it might be a template dess but I haven't seen it elsewhere so who knows? Makers usually label their product "original mesh" and this is not. Regardless the HUD (see below) must have taken a massive amount of work. And consider that this dress is available for all these sizes!

● 5 regular SL FIT-MESH Sizes
● Maitreya (compatible)
● TMP (compatible)
● SLink (Physique)
● SLink (HourGlass)
● Belleza (Freya)
● Belleza (Isis)
● Belleza (Venus)
● Tonic (Fine)
● Tonic (Curvy)

Yeliz HUD
Anyway here's the link to the dress on Marketplace. My only fault with the dress is that it doesn't have any detailing on the straps or other parts to really make it "pop". But otherwise it's a very sexii addition to your SL inventory!

Yeliz Nanika "Sideopen" Dress

Yeliz Nanika

Yeliz Nanika

June 18, 2018

SL15B, music & fun

SL15B Cake Stage with Ghosty Kips
Just a few photos from my adventure last night. Old friend Ghosty "The Llama" Kips was DJing on the Cake stage doing a sweet mix of techno, house and alt. The venue was killer and blended perfectly with my cutesy pink outfit. Ghosty and I have known each other for 8 years in SL. YIKES! I feel like a total cougar now. Oh wait, I am.

Joining me later for an all Canadian set courtesy of DJ Moonbeam was newly minted friend (well one month anyway), Checker. Do we know how to party or what? He's so adorkable. :)

Checker & Snick doing the sexii dance at SL15B
Being at the Cake stage brought back memories from SL12B and literally closing the place down right before they shut down the SIM. It's me wearing a cosplay outfit from BareRose that matched the blues in the rainbows perfectly. Not intentional I swear.
Snickers @ SL12B

June 17, 2018

More dollarbie items. Two good, one bad.

DIA Micro Light shorts
Here are a few more items from my dollarbie shopping trip on SL Marketplace!

This time, we'll start with the bad and move to the good starting with "Micro Light" mesh shorts by DIA. I almost never trash a dollarbie (after all, that's the equivalent of like 1/2¢ US). But this pair of shorts is just bad. The designer left a ghost texture on the mesh so it looks like you have this weird clear band around the top. Sort of like it got saved with the wrong alpha. You can really see it with hard light angles. Plus the jeans texture is oddly warped and has no depth. You're actually better off with an applier micro short than this mess. Avoid.

Pearl Tank Top and Tasha Jeans
Next up are the "good" items and probably worth the 4.5 stars they both get on Marketplace. The deductions come for needing to use the Maitreya Lara alpha HUD and to make sure your shape is constrained a bit. That applies to both items in the photo.

The "Pearl Tank Top" by N_O Concept is no doubt a template -- I think I have a different version in inventory somewhere LOL.  But at least it's nicely textured and I like the off white color. However the nipples need an alpha and if you bend the wrong way, so does one area of your back. Oh well. It comes in the usual array of Maitreya, Bellezza, Slink and standard mesh sizes.

The NOHO "Tasha" jeans are very cute and the texture is well proportioned. Like the tank, you need to use the alpha in the HUD to make them work. But sure, I'd wear these on a date or out shopping. :) Same size availability as the tank.

Here are the linkies to the two "good" items!

Jeans: Tasha Skinny Jeans - $1L

Tank: Pearl Tank Top - $1L

Oh yeah, hair by Truth, skin by Lumae, body by Snickers, jewelry by Exodi.

Amazing dollarbie pink pumps for Maitreya

"Cute Heels" by Searen - $1L 
OK, yours truly was randomly shopping on SL Marketplace when these super cute shoes by Searen popped on screen. O M G. Must have! I love cosplay outfits so when I see mid-high mary janes, excitement ensues! And when they are only $1L super-excitement ensues!

In they went to my cart along with some other dollarbies (more on those later) and with few clicks, they showed up in inventory! Yay!

They are just as nice inworld and on my feet as they are in the Marketplace ad. Searen has done a really nice job with these!

And to the person who gave them only 1 star in a review, you suck.

Here's the link to them on Marketplace. Enjoy!