June 28, 2015

Currency exchanges fight back against Linden Lab

From Hypergrid Business....
A week ago, Linden Lab announced that third-party exchanges have to stop offering Linden dollars, which will effectively put all or most of them out of business.
Exchange operators are now asking users to sign a petition to keep them alive. So far, this petition has already garnered 600 signatures.
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June 12, 2015

Some more changes to Second Life Groups

In addition to increasing the number of groups Premium residents can have (from 42 to 60) and reducing chat lag, Linden Lab has also made a few other changes to Second Life Groups "under the hood" so to speak. One affects the loading of Group member lists for very large Groups (those over 5000).

Inara Pey has a good deal of information on it here: Changes to Second Life Groups Explained

A new Snickers

I know I know. Not very catchy title is it? At first I thought "Snickers is dead" but that was too much drama queen stuffs. Then I tried "Old Snickers is dead, long live new Snickers" but that's just icky.

New Snickers - Amelia Skin by Aeva
So you're left with the prosaically stupid "A new Snickers". What does it mean? Well for me it was a bit traumatic. After 4 years of pretty much the same look (a skin and shape I made myself), I started playing around with the whole mesh avatar thing, appliers and all that stuff. (Noooo I'm not doing Lolas Tangos.)

That process led me through a merry adventure of demo skins, a couple of different trial avatars and new shapes. Plus I already had to break down and buy
SLink feet since my fave designer (Inga Wind) is now supplying most of her outfits with really cute shoes that are designed for the SLink high footsies.

Old school SL bikini so you can see  new skin. Click for full size
pinup picture.
So in this whole process, I came across a skin that looked cool from the pictures and was available as a discontinued item on SL Marketplace.

I absolutely fell in love with Amelia by Aeva. It's not a current skin in her line but was on SL Marketplace (and was cheap) so I snagged it.

Amelia has the sort of eyes I've always wanted plus a nice, natural skin tone similar to the skin I had made in Photoshop. Plus it comes with multiple cleavage looks from none to over the top, three different colorations and brow/freckles options. Shown is mid-cleavage with brow and freckles.

I made a few tweaks to my shape including, sigh, bigger boobies to fit more of the mesh outfits I've been wearing, some facial changes and a little more fat and muscle here and there. Voila, you have the new Snickers!

My next adventure will be fooling around with mesh avatars. I've already experimented with one which I plan to write about soon and I'm looking around for others to play with. (Creators feel free to contact me for this project.) :)

So what do you think? Any suggestions?

I've thrown up pics of my old skin (face and same bikini) so you can get an idea of the changes. Not huge mind you but enough that it seems like some fresh air to me. As usual you can click on the image to see the full size photo.

Old skin & shape

Old skin - Snickers Rose Tan 8d

Old skin - Snickers Rose Tan 8d

June 4, 2015

Yellow, low-cut but tasteful. It's Lisbeth!

OK so the headline is a tease. It's also how I would think of Cat Deely (So You Think You Can Dance) writing one. She's used to have that annoying habit of announcing people with lines like:

"And doing a special version of the cha-cha-cha, let's hear it for -- it's Lisbeth!"

Lisbeth by Inga Wind
Not "here's Lisbeth" or just "Lisbeth" but "it's Lisbeth". Never quite figured that out. Oh well. I digress.

Today's Lisbeth is another Inga Wind outfit that I'm referring to as a "Little Yellow Dress". It's like the classic clubbing or cocktail black dress only brighter (and with a bit more cleavage than usual for an Inga outfit).

The textures on this actually look a bit nicer than my photo. You can click on it for a full-size look. Mostly it's the lighting -- a bit harsh in my studio.

Anyway, this dress can be almost anything depending on how you accessorize it. And as usual, it comes with some nice stiletto sandals (for SLINK high feet).

Price is $180L and comes in Yellow (shown), Black, White and Violet.

Here's the SLURL: Inga Wind Fashion