May 8, 2017

Finding cocktail pants in SL!

Today's adventure was inspired by my own usual weirdness and eclectic tastes in fashion. I was going to an event and realized I really, really wanted to wear cocktail pants. Most women in Second Life would say "STOP! There are so many cute dresses, skirts, formals, etc. Why would you want to wear pants?" Well because it's me, that's why. Oh and my mesh body is Maitreya Lara which means I'm looking for something that will work on it.

Thus began my adventure. It started with asking around in several of the fashion groups I belong to. "Any suggestions for where to buy mesh cocktail pants?" You'd have thought I'd taken crazy pills or something. The few that responded with ideas and marketplace links almost all pointed towards business style pants. You know, SLACKS! Things with belts or belt loops. Dockers. Wool pants. Suit pants. Nuuuuu!! I want silk. Or rayon. Or something with sheen to it. Fancy. Glitzy! Think Jackie Onassis Kennedy.

I visited about 10 major stores including places like Blueberry, Addams, Slink -- "Excuse me, any cocktail pants or pants outfits around here?" "Well we have these nice slacks over there." "ARGGH!"

Then I turned to SL Marketplace. I tried all sorts of searches. Like "Cocktail AND pants AND maitreya AND mesh NOT demo". A few hits but not really what I was looking for. Chastened, I returned to my favorite support group in SL, Maitreya Lara Friends. Tried again. This time, some kind soul suggested looking at Hilly Haalan, a store I'd never been to. Another said try searching on "Palazzo" pants in SLM.


Palazzo in SLM led to two outfits and a visit to Hilly Haalan's store inworld led to another! Yay! One outfit isn't quite up to cocktail style but it's cute. Plus you could wear it for a wine and cheese party aboard a rich Italian's yacht (see I'm always hoping). Anyway, here they are (click on any of the photos to see full size):

Scandalize - Diane HT (front)
Scandalize - Diane HT (back)


Mesh top and bottom separates sold as an outfit on SLM. Come in most popular mesh body styles. This is my favorite of the three. Has a nice sheen to it and as my male friend said, I can totally see you holding a martini with this on (or off). (He rolls that way.) Shown with KC Lynn heels (new on SLM) and my go to necklace, Spanish Dreams (no idea where I got it). Diane comes in maybe 5 color ways but I didn't see a fatpack or HUD option. I picked the cream/gold color shown. $145L.
DBL Nantucket

DBL Nantucket Palazzo Pants & Tube Top

This outfit is not made for Maitreya or any other mesh body. It's just offered in the 5 standard mesh sizes. But I thought it fit well enough that I'm including it here. (Any rich Italians around?) You have to tweak the body alpha and there is one small spot on the back where skin shows through but it's not serious enough to reject. Besides, where are you going to find palazzo pants and a top for $99L? Shoes are KC "Caty" wedges. Available on SLM.
Hilly Haalan Monaco

Hilly Haalan Monaco Pantsuit

Hilly Haalan Monaco
This isn't a pantsuit like Hillary Clinton wears. It is simply an amazing HUD-driven mesh outfit with so many ways of combining colors it boggles my silly brain. Every part of it including the sleeves, top, pants, bow/belt and buttons can be customized for color. I've shown it two ways here. One in solid burgundy and the other in gold, charcoal and cream. Monaco also comes with a nice pair very strappy stiletto sandals (shown) for Slink and Maitreya high feet. The outfit itself is sold in 6 standard sizes plus Lara, Physique, Hourglass and Fitmesh. While I bought this inworld, it's also on SLM for only $145L. This is the real bargain of the three since you end up with hundreds of outfits via the HUD!