July 23, 2015

$1L Hybrid Mesh Formal with Appliers

Chiaro di Luna by Lamu Fashion (front view)
So I've been on a mesh tear lately since I bought the Maitreya mesh body "Lara" last week. Mostly it's been a huge learning curve trying to figure out how appliers work and what types of outfits work with mesh bodies and what don't. More on that in another article.

For now, I'm presenting Chiaro di Luna, a really nice formal from Lamu Fashion that's only $1L on the Second Life Marketplace. The amazing thing is that it comes with separate appliers for Belleza, Body TMP, Omega/Lolas, Maitreya and Slink Physique mesh bodies. That's some work!

In addition to the top & pants applied to the clothing layer, there is a mesh dress panel and two conventional flexi prims that make up the foot's lower lace ruffles.

The total effect is quite realistic inworld and movement of the flexis is what you would expect from quality work.
Chiaro di Luna by Lamu Fashion (back view)

I'm sure the designer (Lamu Freidman) is giving this away so you'll look at her other work. Although I tried to visit her inworld store, I crashed twice. Anyway here's the SLURL to Lamu:


And here's a link to the dress on SLM:


There's a bit of keyword spamming going on with the item title but I suppose we can forgive that since it's only $1L and well done.

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