June 4, 2015

Yellow, low-cut but tasteful. It's Lisbeth!

OK so the headline is a tease. It's also how I would think of Cat Deely (So You Think You Can Dance) writing one. She's used to have that annoying habit of announcing people with lines like:

"And doing a special version of the cha-cha-cha, let's hear it for -- it's Lisbeth!"

Lisbeth by Inga Wind
Not "here's Lisbeth" or just "Lisbeth" but "it's Lisbeth". Never quite figured that out. Oh well. I digress.

Today's Lisbeth is another Inga Wind outfit that I'm referring to as a "Little Yellow Dress". It's like the classic clubbing or cocktail black dress only brighter (and with a bit more cleavage than usual for an Inga outfit).

The textures on this actually look a bit nicer than my photo. You can click on it for a full-size look. Mostly it's the lighting -- a bit harsh in my studio.

Anyway, this dress can be almost anything depending on how you accessorize it. And as usual, it comes with some nice stiletto sandals (for SLINK high feet).

Price is $180L and comes in Yellow (shown), Black, White and Violet.

Here's the SLURL: Inga Wind Fashion

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