March 19, 2015

The dangers of fashion names

OK did the tease headline get you?

It's really nothing serious other than finding a buried treasure within Inga Wind's fashions.

So I was cleaning up my inventory, moving things around, renaming stuff when I came across an outfit from Inga called "Maisy" that I didn't think I had unboxed. But then I checked and hmmm I unboxed it. Or so I thought.

The foldered "Maisy" looks like this. Kind of an all purpose, pleated mesh cocktail dress. OK fine. I picked up cocktail Maisy in April of 2014.

But then I noticed that the acquire date on the Maisy copy (or so I thought) that I still hadn't unboxed looked like it was from late 2014. OMG. What? OK hmm. Inga names ALL of her clothes with real life first names and I've never known her to repeat a name. Until now! (Hah! I caught you!)

So I unboxed the later Maisy and yep, completely different outfit. Not even remotely similar.

Anyway, newer Maisy is super awesome! OMG look at those details! I mean seriously, it makes me want to jump on some biker dude's Harley and ride off into the sunset. And the "effme" heels (for Slink high feet) are perfect.

So how did I miss reporting on this when it first came out? Well you got it -- the dangers of fashion names. Maisy & Maisy. They must be twin sisters -- one good and one very bad. I like bad Maisy lol.

I have no idea what the price is but I assume it's still available in world here:

SLURL to Inga Wind Clothing

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