March 27, 2015

Haru to you too! New fashion from Inga Wind

Inga Wind is a demoness and keeps turning out outfit after outfit. Today's featured item is "Haru". I wasn't sure what to call the styling and then it hit me -- office prom chic! Sort of what you might wear to a senior prom if you were fabulously toney, wealthy and committed to becoming the CEO of Yahoo in 7 years.

What makes Haru interesting are the peplum sides and single halter made of flowers which folds into the sash top. Very creative.

As usual, matching shoes (peep toe slingbacks) come with the outfit and are designed to fit Slink high feet.

Now for the amazing news. Haru is only $110L AND if you are a member of the Wind group, it's 10% off that when you wear your tag.

Haru comes in royal blue/purple (shown), black, brown and salmon.

SLURL to Inga Wind Clothing

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