March 9, 2016

Today is fashion complaint day

I don't usually complain about things in Second Life. I mean I've been in this silly world since 2007 so I've seen it, done it, bought the shoes, etc. However, just recently two designers have really ticked me off. 

Complaint #1 - Karu Karu - Failure to respond

First up is Karu Karu. Now in case you don't know, Karu Karu is mostly a purveyor of latex and fetish clothing. OK, I'm not really into that stuff BUT, I do like catsuits for my occasional ventures into spy girl roleplay or off-the-wall club contests and the like. Karu Karu makes some fairly nice applier outfits that work well with my Maitreya Lara body. I own maybe 6 or 7 of their outfits.

So I saw a group notice from Karu Karu for a $99L 3-pack ("Popular Pack") of catsuits that I thought would be perfect for my spy girl look! I went to the store, saw the outfit on the wall as a promotion, clicked buy and whoops! It charged me $399L, not $99L. Ick. OK I realized I wasn't wearing my group tag and maybe that did it.

So I immediately sent the creator, Chane Karu, an IM. I asked what happened, could I possibly get a refund on the balance or at least a store credit. 3 days go by and no reply. OK, so I send another IM and I send a very nicely worded notecard since I know store owners often get blasted on IMs.

5 days go by and still no reply. OK, I've designed clothes, owned a store, I still do. I answer all my customer inquiries even if I have to give them bad news (which I rarely do). And I know Chane has been online because I am in her group ya know. But sadly now, not for long.
Vendome by Hypnose

Complaint #2 - Hypnose - Bad Demo 

I've NEVER had a mesh demo outfit crash my viewer and completely blow me out to Windows. But the "Vendome" Maitreya demo from Hypnose did exactly that. I put it on and my usually reliable viewer (Cool VL Viewer) simply disappears and I'm looking at my Windows desktop.

So, after saying WTF to myself, I log back in, put the demo back on and five minutes later, I'm in public naked. WTF seriously? I put it back on and it now it just poofs off immediately. I suspect both the crash and the auto-poofing are due to some sort of auto-detach script in the demo. That is just oh so very uncool to do. No warning, no notecard that says it will happen, the dress just poofs off.

Once it poofs, you can't wear it again. So if I wanted to take some time to adjust my shape to tweak the fit and see how it really works, no chance. It's gone. I'm sorry Hypnose, but five minutes is just about long enough for me to answer an IM and maybe change shoes. It's not long enough for me to see if I really want to buy your st00pid dress based on your st00pid auto-poofing demo. I would much rather wear a "DEMO" sign over my head or deal with DEMO across the textures than this idiocy. "Warning, dress falls off in 5 minutes. Prepare to be nakey."

Finally, for $399, I expect a mesh dress to be rigged. But Vendome is not so your legs just walk right through it when you move. That looks horrible with this style. So at least I got to wear the demo on long enough to know that I wouldn't buy it anyway due to that.

OK that's the end of my whining for the day.

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