March 15, 2016

Impossible bikini and impossible boots

One thing I LOVE about Second Life is the imagination creators can show in designing clothing and accessories that would be "impossible" to execute in real life. I'm going to offer up two examples -- an ancient system bikini and a brand new pair of boots from KC Couture.

bikini 1 by SS Designs
I'll start with this ancient system bikini from "SS Designs" called simply, "bikini 1" (circa 2007). I still own it for nostalgia's sake and won a best in bikini contest with it. I think it really illustrates early SL thinking outside confines of gravity, cloth and body parts. :-) This could not exist in real life of course. The top would fall right off and the string bottom would ride up so badly it would hurt. Or something. (Wow that old system shape of mine is sure top heavy.)

Yet, these sorts of outfits are all throughout Second Life. They are made of impossible fabrics, have impossible attachments, wouldn't stay on your body to save your life, come in impossible colors but in SL they exist!

Ivy Boots by KC Couture
Which brings me to the next item, an impossible pair of boots from KC Couture. Now we've come a long way in appearance with 3D mesh adding a degree of realism only dreamed about in 2007. And in the case of "Ivy" boots, while they are virtually as impossible as the blue bikini, they don't LOOK impossible. They just look amazing.

But they are impossible because the lacing would be hugely uncomfortable, the spiral would probably move and it would take you 1/2 hour to put them on (assuming you could). And of course we'd all just LOVE to have HUD driven real life shoes wouldn't we? Need pink tops with purple laces and white soles? Click, click, click done.

Anyway, Ivy is $549 on SL Marketplace and available at a discount for KC group members in world. Have fun being "impossible"!

SLURL to KC Couture:

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