March 15, 2016

I'm really pissed off at Karu Karu

last week I wrote an article complaining about the lack of customer response from Karu Karu over a very nice request of mine to revisit a promo purchase where I was charged $399L instead of $99L that the notice had claimed. Read it here:

After not getting any response whatsoever, I left the Karu Karu group. However, I saw I was still getting notices from them. Hmmmmmmmm. Sure enough, I reviewed the chat and the notices were coming from an object called KARU KARU FASHION UPDATES. Well excuse me Chane Karu but I did NOT give you permission to subscribe me in the first place AND my leaving your group should have been notice enough to take me off.

First thing I did was head for the KARU KARU main store which was where the subscriber box was located. I figured I'd just mute the damn thing --- or so I thought. After looking at a few obvious possible sender bots and not finding the source, I realized that the notices were coming from 300M ABOVE the store.

OK, no problem, just fly up. Nope. The KARU KARU store is a trap and you can't physically fly out of it. And direct TP is not available because it's all routed to the store lobby. OK, I've done this stupid dance before. I flew up to the ceiling and managed to SIT on the outside edge of the store. From there I was able to fly up to KARU's sandbox in the sky with TWO sender scripts in prims churning away. I muted both of them but that's really the sucky way to deal with this crap.

KARU KARU sender bots
Clearly the bitch has no intention of supporting real unsubscribes since both boxes are owner touch with avatar key lists buried in them.

Thanks for nothing Chane. Maybe this blog post will put some small dent in your sales for being a jerk.

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