August 14, 2011

Inga Wind "Mistress of Textures" strikes again!

Inga Wind's "Latisha in Sand"
Two new outfits from Inga Wind prove once again that she is a master at making highly detailed and delicate clothing textures. First, I'm showing off "Latisha in Sand" a frilly sort of prom / cocktail dress with a bodice and prim skirt that is to die for. Click the image for a full size view and look at the embroidery details in the top and skirt. Ladies, I don't think it gets any better than this in SL. The prims move perfectly and I can totally see myself slow dancing the night away at some Jazz club wearing this.

Now for Kaira. Again a marvel of texturing and lighting. From the details in the belt to raw silk look of the fabric, this is amazing. It's a lovely "lunch with the girls" outfit with enough style to double as an informal cocktail dress.

Price for Latisha is $600L including shoes shown. Wind group members can get it for $350L. Jewelry is by ~~DS~~ (Derek Sienkiewicz Inga's business partner). Hair is Damselfly Pya and the skin is my own custom made.

Kaira is $400L ($250L for group members) and also includes shoes shown. Jewelry is Exodi.
Inga Wind's "Kaira"

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