July 29, 2011

Legal battle over virtual critters in Second Life!

Came across this article via Tweet from @SlashMorgath.

You Can Lead a Virtual Horse to Water, But You Might Get Sued Along the Way

It's timely cuz I recently found out that a longtime friend of mine in Second Life is really, really into Amaretto Ranch Breedables. She did the Ozimals bunnehs for a while (and they are too cute for words) but moved to horses when they came out. I have to say, from seeing them in virtual person, they are very cool. Being ridable makes them even better.

The concept of virtual pets that you have to feed and maintain has been around forever (I have a hamster on my iGoogle page) so I don't see what Ozimals original complaint was all about. Which I guess is the point of Amaretto's countersuit.


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