August 17, 2011

I feel like a princess!

OK technically I am a princess. In Tiny Empires. And my self-given tag for my own small fashion group is Odd Princess. So when I looked at the snapshot for a new outfit from Inga Wind called "Ariel", I thought, hmmm this looks kinda "princessy" (I like that word). It wasn't until I wore it that I realized how really incredible Ariel is.

From the extremely detailed silk-look embroidered bodice to the flexi-prim lace over-dress and back bow, Ariel will make any princess or wannabe princess look spectacular. I'm showing three shots of Ariel below. Two in the original white/cream and the other in the recently released olive. As always, click on the photo for the full-size.

Ariel is available in 5 color ways - white, black, red, blue and olive -- and includes tiara and matching pumps. Price is $950L but if you join Inga's group, you can get the olive version for $550L (and maybe the others, not sure). For those who already own an older version of Ariel, Inga is offering updates for $100L for 2 days.

The white version shown is the older style while the olive is the newer one.

Click for SLURL to Inga Wind

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