July 18, 2011

Prims and other items lose creator name

A few days ago, one of my old shapes I created from scratch and use constantly suddenly started giving a "Failed to find body part in database" error when I tried to wear it. Fortunately, my backup alt had a copy which I was able to use. HOWEVER, I noticed on both copies in inventory, that the creator was listed as Uknown. Wearing the backup shape (full perms to me), did nothing. Using Imprudence, I should have been able to export it. No luck.

In checking other shapes (most derivative of my original one) ALL of them are now creator unknown. In fact, when I mentioned the issue in the SL Merchants group in-world, several others suddenly found their prims had changed from themselves as creator to Unknown.

As a merchant, this causes several major problems. One, it appears that I really didn't make the items when in fact I did. Two, people who might want to refer a friend to something I created will not have that information in their version of the item, And finally, I cannot export the item using an inventory backup tool (ie. as in Imprudence) because I am no longer the creator.

So, I opened a JIRA on it. Please check your own creations for this glitch and if you find them, let LL know in the JIRA and/or via support ticket.


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