May 5, 2011

New exclusive outfits from Inga Wind!

Inga Wind has created four new outfits for a contest called Claim the Fame. As usual, they are all scrumptious! What's different is that each comes in a male/female pairing.

I'll show you just two of the outfits. First is Penelope with yours truly as the model. Aww poor me, I look so unhappy in this shot. Oh well. I'm definitely not unhappy about the outfit -- it's wonderful. As usual, the textures are amazing and the prim parts match perfectly with the system pieces.

The second on the right is the matching men's outfit "Bartleby". Now I can't vouch for her guys things since I've never tried them on. :) But if they're anything like her ladies outfits, it should be divine!

For a look at the other outfits, check out Inga's blog at Then hop over to where you can pick any of them up for just $400L each (that's 1/2 her normal price).

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