May 2, 2011

A mini treasure hunt at Latex Station

OK, first let me say that I am not really into fetish wear! ("Yeah right Snick, uh huh, sure.") Really I'm not!! But occasionally things jump out at me and I have to check them out. Today, a notice came in from "Latex Station" in one of the fashion groups I belong to announcing a mini-hunt for "Best in Black" $20L outfits. I opened the notecard, looked at two of them and thought, wow, these are actually very cool (in a slightly naughty way).

Sooo, off I went. First thing I noticed was the store's build. Fittingly, it's a space station with tubes, glass and steel everywhere. Very well done. I likey. Second thing is that while the items being offered at the $20L price are scattered throughout the store (4 women's and 1 men's outfit), they are not hidden in totally obscure places like some hunts. You just have to find the regular version of the outfit, locate the tiny black ball below it and buy the black ball. After about 20 minutes I found all 5 outfits. Don't try to cam the place and buy that'll run into glass walls that prevent you from selecting or in some cases, seeing, the black ball.

Anyway, all five outfits are all very well crafted with their regular items priced around $700L. There are lots of very unique designs so take your time looking as you hunt!

UPDATE - The store owner just IM'd me to say she is planning on doing these hunts for the next few weeks and not just through May 9! My avatar stands coyly corrected.

SLURL to Latex Station:

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