May 19, 2011

EEEK!! More Bare Rose Madness!

Lilin Outfit from Bare Rose
My infatuation with Bare Rose just HAS TO STOP!!!! Sigh. I went back there yesterday to find a costume for an event and yeesh, ended up buying three more outfits. And I didn't end up with anything for the event! The funny part about it was that I wore a different BareRose outfit --- which everyone loved. And then when I mentioned it was from BareRose, it was like -- ohhh, the "Wal-Mart" of Second Life.

Well poooh on that. BareRose items are all originals, they aren't copybotted, they are exciting and they are reasonably priced. OK they are actually very inexpensive for what you get. That's just fine with me!

On to the outfit details. This one is called "Lilin" and, like most B@R fantasy costumes, it comes in several flavors -- black, red and purple -- all in the same box. Woot!

The red version is absolutely fabulous with wonderful details such as the skeletal fingers reaching across your tummy and the fire-y ribbons dangling off the breastplate. As my friend Lalo noted, it sort of has a barbarian Viking look to it. ("What's in YOUR wallet?")

Lilin also comes with risque options that expose your nipples and nether regions. Sorry, this is a PG blog so I'm not gonna show ya piccies of those!

Anyway, you'll find this somewhere on the massive Bare@Rose wall of stuff for only $150L.

Hair: Bewitched "Izzie"
Skin: Snickers
Boots: Lyra Knee Highs


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