March 27, 2010

Second Life $60L Weekend Specials!

So I finally got the chance to do a little shopping this morning in SL to see what I could find on the $60L specials. If you haven't heard about this group, it's awesome. They post pics of ALL the items for sale so you can window shop first, then TP direct to the store. You'll often find other goodies for sale too!

So first up is a cocktail length dress that's a copy of a famous designer's outfit. I can't figure out which one but I know I've seen it before somewhere. (And for those who think this violates copyrights or something, it does not. Clothing designs are not protected by law.) The outfit is Marchesa by PB Collection / Ardigraf Design. Normally I'm not a big fan of system skirts but this one works very well in combination with the prim scarf tie. To make an outfit like this work, you MUST have a shape the knocks your regular hip & butt size down at least 10 - 20 points or so. The shoes are "Kimberly" by Inga Wind.

Next up is "Sexy Luzmila" from Eluzion. I have to say she is VERY sexy and terminally cute to boot! Sort of a school girl / gothic look but definitely not grungey. All items shown are included in the outfit (except hair). Very cool for $60L!

Also from Eluzion is Maybla -- a very nice neko outfit complete with paw boots! I love this one! Sorry I didn't have my ears and tail on for the shot but oh well. The detail in this is very good and the prims accessories are just too cool! You can mix and match parts from Luzmilla as well which makes this even better! Again for $60L!!!! Buy both for $120L and you can make up about 6 different outfits. Both skirts have resize scripts to fit just about anyone. Wowweee!

And continuing our neko theme is the $60L "Tatianna" from Ironik Kitties. Very cute in raspberry although not quite as well detailed as the Eluzion outfits. Everything shown is included in the outfit!

And finally (yay), some very spiffy $60L sandals from Jairis very simply called "Rustic Shoe". You'll have to use their TP inside the store (puts you upstairs) to find it since it's very laggy on the SIM. They also have some nice tops for $60L too.

Yeah they're not Stilleto Moody's with the prim feet and toes but then they also have a cute little ankle strap that you couldn't do with prim feet either.

Anyway, that's my shopping adventure for the weekend! I hope yours is just as adventurous!

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