March 8, 2010

Hope is ... a new outfit from Inga Wind!

OMG. Just when I thought I'd seen about every design technique possible in Second Life, Inga Wind comes up with something new. This time, it's in a new outfit called "Hope" -- a gorgeous peachy sort of fairy princess formal. With it's unusual sculpty peplum (the something new) to the amazing detail in the bodice, this is an outfit to die for.

Click on the (unretouched) photo for an enlarged view and you'll see what I mean by details. The prim skirt (which includes a sit script) takes transparency to a new level. Somehow, even with movement, the textures don't fight each other.

Inga has also moved to making complete outfits with shoes and accessories and Hope takes it a step further by including prim hair with tiara and jewels. While the hairstyle isn't exactly my cup of tea (or Pinot Grigio as it so happens right now), the quality is right up there with anything by some of my faves like ETD. (I tend toward sloppy/messy do's and this is très, très chic formal.) Only one color, a sort of blackish/brown, but it happens to work well with my skin!

If I have one small criticism (very small), it's that the glitch pants could be a little more raggedy and lacy on the skin so they aren't quite so obvious under the skirt. Otherwise, a total masterpiece. Inga is offering it to her group members for $800L (regularly $1200L) and with all the goodies it includes, it's a real value. Or yes, I almost forgot, it also includes something called a "Hope Swing" which I can't rez since my land is overgrown with prims. Probably something fun knowing Inga & her partner Derek. :)

Available in world via the following SLURL:

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