March 26, 2010

Inga Wind - Spring Fae / Dayana in Black

OK I had promised I would get around to posting about these two amazing outfits but RL just got in the way. (Don't you hate that?) But finally some piccys! First I know I sound like a broken record but Inga Wind is really doing some amazing things with transparencies, texturing and using sculpties in her designs. Even on my best days as a designer, I couldn't come close to doing what she does. All I can say with these two outfits is WOW!

Spring Fae is part of her "Fae" collection which is mostly airy, feathery, lacy, very transparent elfin style gowns. Spring Fae is done in aqua and jewel tones so it goes especially well with darker skin colors and hair. Although, in my case, I thought, why not go with an aqua colored hairstyle (*DH* - Stephanie) just for silliness. :) Shown here in both miniskirt and cocktail length, Spring also comes with ruffled pants -- not really my style though.
Next up is Dayana in Black. So all of us have lots of black outfits (OK I do), but this just moved into my top 3 of all time. It's sort of cocktail formal goth. How else can I describe it? You decide.

Anyway, I love the big poofy shoulder pads, sleeves and wicked looking cape. The only thing I supplied for this was the fishnet stockings and Damselfly hair (Pya). Everything else is pure Inga!

As usual, both outfits come with shoes, accessories and multiple wearing options.

SLURL:  Inga Wind

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