January 9, 2010

Two new outfits from Inga Wind

Yin and yang. Black and white. Casual and formal. Two opposites from one of Second Life's top designers.

First off is, Dayana -- a cocktail length formal with a detachable shawl. The look is fun, flirty, feathery and above all, truly amazing to look at. Really, the photo doesn't do it justice. From the peekaboo top to the peplin and prim skirt, the detail is incredible. Shoes included!!! I wore this outfit for New Year's and the compliments were non-stop! "Lovely" hair by ETD, skin by *Snickers* (me).

And then there's slightly bad girl Sadie -- the yang to Dayana's yin.

So what do you call a full leather mini-dress with tweed shoulder pads? To me, it's just flat out cute. :) Boots included! "Haruka" hair by Novocaine, skin by Snickers, glasses by Lucky Card.

SLURL - Inga Wind Fashion

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