January 24, 2010

The Prok Twitter Block!

I have been blocked on Twitter by Prokofy Neva! Apparently, according to some who follow me there, it means I've "arrived". I'm now a celebrity. The sordid details are kinda funny but sad at the same time. Funny because the escalation that led to The Prok Block® was over nothing. Sad because, as others have noted, there seems to be a loose wire somewhere in the person behind the keyboard.

The Incident

Prok announced via Twitter that he* had been (mysteriously) banned from the official SL blogs. The next day he announced he had been (just as mysteriously) unbanned. I'm no technical genius and thought maybe it might not have been an actual ban but a glitch or other problem with the SL website. I've run into them before and, since Linden Labs can be incompetent at times, bad things happen and the reasons aren't always conspiratorial in nature.

Well you would have thought I was debating the existence of God with the Virgin Mary. Within three Tweets back and forth (where I tried to politely explain my looking at other possible reasons), yours truly became a troll, an "asshole" and finally someone who was threatening to orchestrate a boycott of Prokofy's Second Life business! WOW! Little old me?

The Tweets

This is just a sampling of Prok's tweets to me (newest to oldest):
Prokofy @Snickitty and I really don't care if you keep essentially threatening to incite boycotts of my business. You've been told where to get off
Prokofy @Snickitty yeah, because are being *an asshole*. Do try to stop. You don't need to follow me -- and I'm blocking you.
Prokofy @Snickitty so you've gotten your 15 minutes of attention whoredom, move along now.
Prokofy @Snickitty who cares? I've often noticed it makes no difference what you think of LL; you want to take multiple pot shots at me to feel big
Prokofy @Snickitty er, I don't "assume" dark motives, I read what you right which is just shitty, nasty behaviour. Read what you write.
Prokofy @Snickitty you were told 10 times how I came to that conclusion but were too stupid to comprehend it and kept trolling.
Prokofy @Snickitty stop being a trolling ass. I know what it means to be banned from Linden blogs as I've *been banned before*. I get how it works.
Here are all my Tweets to Prok (oldest to newest):
@Prokofy Sounds like a network problem. Happens to me every so often.
@Prokofy I meant a problem upstream not your network. You couldn't login? You couldn't see anything? What?
@Prokofy Yeesh. Just asking you know. You get so mysterious and all.
@Prokofy You said you were perma-banned, then unbanned in 24 hours with no explanation of either. I was not trolling you.
@Prokofy Clearly you don't want sympathy when I was about to agree with you. Now I'm sorry they didn't make it longer.
@Prokofy You seem to default to assuming a dark side to people's motives.
@Prokofy If you've ever read my blog, you'd know I'm no big fan of what Linden Lab does with its communications or decisions.
@Prokofy Have a nice Second and First Life anyway.
I may have missed a few but that's the nature of Twitter. Communications aren't linear so I can't put these in a strict post/reply format. It also shows the limitations of 140 characters. There's no chance for real context so, too often, things can be taken badly. For the record, Prok did not explain anything to me about the ban 10 times. Maybe 3 tweets worth. And I've never taken "potshots" at him previously other than a mild disagreement in the official SL blogrums over policy stuff.

Oh well. I just had to vent and share. I feel like such a star now.^_^

* Those who know, know.


  1. Mazeltov! And welcome to the FIC ;)

  2. LOL! Prok muted me in SL, but surprisingly, they allow me to comment on their blog and follow me on Twitter. You've not arrived til Prok has spat some bile on ya, so I think you have just arrived - Congrats!


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