March 5, 2014

SL Go from Onlive - New mobile viewer for Second Life

SL Go Signup Page
Linden Labs just announced a new mobile, Android-based Second Life viewer initiative called SL Go in collaboration with gaming company Onlive. The (currently beta) viewer connects to Onlive's servers which in turn connect to the Second Life grid. They are claiming very high framerates. But I'm curious if things like HUDs, AOs and other things that are often viewer-based will work or not. The project is intended for Android tablets -- not phones -- although phablets may work ok.

At $2.50/hour of connect time (a rate "as low as"), I don't see this being a serious alternative to a regular viewer. I for sure won't be paying that kind of money just to use SL on my tablet. Plus, I wonder if Linden Lab even knows or cares about Lumiya -- an Android-based viewer that connects directly with the SL grid that works pretty well even if frame rates are low. It's only $2.99 for a one-time download. For tablet / phone access, it's what I use.

Important linkies:

Announcement from Linden Lab: Introducing SL Go from Onlive

Sign-up page for SL Go:

Info about the
Lumiya Viewer:

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