March 21, 2014

I reorganized my blog

I got to noticing that my post tagging (aka Labels in Blogger) had gotten undisciplined and out of control. Many tags made sense only to me or people who really know Second Life or virtual worlds. So I just went through an exhausting (mentally) process of re-labeling every one of my posts. Some 40+ tags were cut down to less than 20.

Now, my question is, does this help anyone reading this silly page? If you have any suggestions as to how I might label my articles, I'm open to them.

While most of what I write about is related to Second Life, there's a fair amount that's not.

My new label logic is as follows:

Arts & Culture - More about society, art, culture, politics
Bugs - Specific problems with SL
Fashion - Mostly SL fashion but occasionally RL
Free - Free stuff
Fun - Silly things
Legal - Copyrights, Terms of Service, etc.
Linden Lab - Anything the Lab does as policy or business
Privacy & Security - Griefing, spying, privacy, hacking
Second Life - Global SL issues or info
Sex - Mandatory label for one article (so far)
Tiny Empires - My favorite game in SL
Tutorials - How To's, explanations, etc.
Viewers - SL and other grid viewers
Virtual Commerce - SL Marketplace, inworld commerce, etc.
Virtual Worlds - Other worlds
Other - Stuff that doesn't fit above

Naturally, some articles have multiple tags but I've tried not to be too redundant. For example, articles tagged as Fashion will almost never have the Second Life tag too as that would make the SL tag useless.

I'd appreciate your thoughts and ideas on this. My brain is worn out from it.

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