December 12, 2012

Snickers Second Life in-world store closed

All good things come to an end I suppose and having a Second Life in-world presence is one of them. For over 4 years I've always had a place where people could see and buy my goodies (clothes, evil talkers and silly things). But sadly, no longer. With 98% of my sales coming from the Second Life Marketplace, in-world sales no longer even cover the rent on my 130 prim shop. Even when losing a little bit of money, it was OK because people at least had a chance to get the "feel" for my work all at once. Plus there were always things in the store that for one reason or another, I didn't want on SLM.

But paying out way more than you're bringing in is st00pid. Three months of negative $L were enough for me. The two-edged sword of web-based shopping loses tier for my landlord, Linden Lab and if things continue like this, likely for a whole lot of others.

So the store is now closed. Oh well.

See me on the Second Life Marketplace at:

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