December 20, 2012

Second Life bug reporting - major fail

I posted the following in the Second Life forums (see Group Notice failures). We'll see how long it takes before a moderator removes it to maintain the illusion of a love fest between residents and Lindens.

I really don't know how to deal with this any more. Group notices (especially with attachments) are starting to fail at an alarming rate. I simply don't receive them. In checking the JIRA for the issue (JIRA SVC-1507), I see 409 votes for it with 300+ watching. Yet, Linden Lab has put the issue on "inactive" status which means that no more comments can be added and the issue cannot be edited. Instead, Maestro Linden demands "reproduceble steps" via opening a new issue. WTH?

I'm sorry Lindens but bugs are often a combination of things. That doesn't mean you shouldn't be trying to fix them or take additional info on them. Like maybe it only happens on certain sims? Or maybe it's just from certain groups that contain the letters "W" and "H". Who the heck knows? Or maybe it's just the time of day or general lag??

Closing off comments really shows me how little you value your own bug reporting process -- or us the customers.

What you really need is a "Here's what happened when the bug occured" type of reporting. For example, I was using XYZ viewer, time was 1:03PM SLT, at location ABC, Group Notice was supposed to come from DEF group sent by Avater Y. Then YOU guys can keep track of the commonalities rather than pushing "reproduceable steps" back on your customers. Which is just flat out a cop-out!
While my complaint was specific to receiving Group Notices (I often don't get them), it just seemed the whole JIRA process is now completely broken with comments being frozen, action items moving to inactive, demands for "reproducible" steps and no "easy" method for reporting a bug as noted in my last paragraph above. It's sad really. But alas, I think this is the New World Order as perceived by Maestro Linden.


  1. It's worse than that, Snick. Unless you have a link saved to an open JIRA issue, you can't even see it. Nowadays, the only bug reports you can see are those you file yourself.

    Stuff is breaking all over the grid. It's not just group notices. Group chat lag is way up again, after getting better for a while. There's a new bug affecting some people that traps them in an animation, and no matter what, nothing seems to stop it more than momentarily. Texture rezzing speed is down again. But it's OK, hey -- we've got Creatorverse on our smart phones!

  2. I think you're being a bit unfair to Maestro, I doubt that the changes to the Jira were Maestro's decision but I agree that asking for people to create new reports isn't helpful.

    You can still find old Jira reports, but if you file a new one only you, Lindens and a select group of residents can view and comment on the Jira, it's not a healthy situation and doesn't foster good relations.


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