August 17, 2012

*Snickers* store has moved!

It had to happen eventually since Second Life is, if nothing else, constantly changing. Due to real life issues, my friend, Honeybear Lilliehook, sold her SIM where I had my inworld store. I wish her all the best -- she was the best landlord one could ever hope for.

So my shop has relocated to a skybox in the Silver Serpent sim:

There are two lucky letter boards now where you can snag some items for free.

It's not quite the same as being in a shopping SIM but since 95% of my sales now come from the SL Marketplace, I really only use the store as a place to send people when they ask.

And here's the link to *Snickers* on SLM:

Stop by and say hi. There's a board inside that let's you know if I'm online.


All thoughts are welcome.