August 2, 2012

Grendel's Children griefing update

UPDATE - Grendel's Children got there sim rollbacked! \o/ Also, news is a number of others got hit too.

NOTE - Some comments over at the SLU forums have variously speculated that this is something being triggered by rezzing an object that overflows the SIM owners own objects causing them to be returned.

That should not happen since OWNER objects are the last to be returned. ANYONE objects should be returned first, then GROUP then OWNER.

Others have speculated that this is being caused by someone rezzing an object outside on a next door sim then pushing it onto the sim being griefed. Since my friend's sim who got griefed is not mainlaind, is set to "no build" and there is no next door sim, this should not be possible either.

I think Desmond Chang (as he posted in SLU) is right. This is far more serious.

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