December 5, 2011

New outfits from Inga Wind

It's been awhile since I've blogged about much of anything. What with holidays and all, I've been too busy for second life. Darn that real life! Anyway, Inga Wind sure hasn't been idle. Three new outfits in two weeks!
Two of them are nice re-colors of existing outfits and one is completely new. First the new one called Pavonine --  sort of a 20's flapper look mixed with Las Vegas or French showgirl. Although everyone know peacocks are male, this stunning outfit is perfect for channeling your inner Rockette! The colors are striking and the detail in the feathers is wonderful. Includes all shown including shoes. $800L ($450L for Wind group members)

Next up is a re-color of one of Inga's older outfits called Evelyn. I have modeled Evelyn in green and red and frankly, I think the new Silver version is the best of the series. Worn with black pearls or hematite, it's girly girl casual done right. Complete outfit as shown includes the cutest little bowling shoe style flats. This has become one of my favorite daily wearables.

$350L ($250L group price)

And last we have Millie in Pink-- another re-color. Also available in black (see left), Millie is a great example of how a recolor can often look totally different than the original! Millie in Pink including shoes and neclace is $400L ($200L group price).


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